How to tie a man's scarf? These macho know ...

One of the biggest misconceptions about scarvesis that they are exclusively for women. But history refutes this prejudice. Some of the most courageous representatives of the stronger sex of the past had information about how to tie a man's scarf.

how to tie a man's scarf
For more than 2000 years, scarvesThey demonstrated power, domination, and among the soldiers of the Asian states they served not only for comfort, but also for designating the title. This is confirmed by terracotta statues of Chinese soldiers found in the burial of the first Chinese emperor.
how to beautifully tie a man's scarf

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In addition, some of the most courageousHollywood men were seen in scarves: John Wayne, Bruce Willis, Daniel Craig (James Bond), even Al Pacino, Godfather, wears a dark red scarf. They already know how to tie a man's scarf beautifully. Yes, this fashion attribute actively emphasizes the strength and character of its owner. In the end, let's face it, it's not fashionable, without a scarf it's damn cold. Boastfully demonstrate masculinity in the cold without a scarf, and then, sipping chicken broth in bed, calling for help from your mother, so that she corrects you with a blanket ... This is not serious.

So ... How to wear and how to tie a man's scarf?

1. Be easier. Do not go out on the street with a "sea knot" that is tightly tied around your neck. You risk appearing too pompous and snooty. Nobody likes pretentious snobs.

2. Scarf is not a tie. It should lie free and comfortable, not dense and not stuffy. The scarf should give you self-confidence, and not inspire the feeling of a hanged anti-hero.

3. Remember that the scarf is for you, not you for it. Practice tying a scarf at home, understand when you feel most comfortable. You can wear it in different ways:

Behind the shoulder

how to tie a scarf for men

This is the most common way to wear a scarf. Just put him by the neck and throw one end behind his back. And now we learn how to tie a man's scarf in a more complicated way.

Through a loop

how to tie a scarf

Scarf, tied in this way, will create warmth andthe comfort of your neck, besides, it is somewhat like a tie. Simply connect the ends of the scarf, folding it in half, wrap it around your neck, pull the hanging ends through the resulting loop and pull them down to a convenient location.


how to beautifully tie a man's scarf

He speaks for himself. Just flip the experimental scarf through your neck and make a relatively tight knot in front of you. Place the hanging ends above each other so that the top end gently covers the knot. So, as a pioneer tie is fastened, only this knot remains unfinished.

Hanging node

how to tie a scarf for men

How to tie a scarf hanging male host, you've probably already guessed. Repeat the same steps as in the previous case, only the node this time should be located below.

Wrap around the neck

how to tie a man's scarf

Send both ends of the scarf behind your back, right take with your left hand, and the left end with your right hand, pull forward and position them as shown.

Scarf - a man's accessory!

There is nothing difficult in how to tie a scarf -male fashionable and stylish attribute of this macho. Although at the initial stage it may seem difficult, but believe me, very soon, with practice, wearing a scarf will be your second nature. In addition, you will begin to invent your own ways, because there are no strict rules, as in the case of a tie. So try new options and get a unique pleasure!

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