Fashionable women's clothes "Joy Miss"

Joymiss is a famous brand of women's clothing. Models of this trademark are dynamic, feminine, sexy. A store of fashionable women's clothing offers products that always correspond to the latest trends.

What is the company Joymiss

"Joy Miss" is a Turkish brand dealing withselling stylish women's things for two decades. The products are designed for the most part on young girls, full of energy. Those for whom it is important not just beauty and exquisite grace, but also convenience and comfort.

Fashionable women's clothing store Joymiss offersto its visitors not only products under its own brand. The assortment includes products of such brands as SOGO, Renaschemento, A.M.N, B.V.N, Monica Ricci and others.

jooy miss

The chain of stores "Joy Miss" includes 75 stores. Of these, several are located in the capital of the country. The rest are located in the cities of the regions. Their number is growing rapidly.

Company Business Card

The main distinctive characteristics of the clothes of the brand "Joy Miss" are:

  • Elegance.
  • Femininity.
  • Grace.
  • Variety of silhouettes.
  • Ideal cut and sewing.

women's fashion store

Having visited Joymiss (you can search the store in yourregion), a woman will be able to buy for herself any things needed in the wardrobe. The assortment of goods includes dresses, jeans, cardigans, outerwear and other kinds. In addition to this - accessories, jewelry, belts, handbags. All that is needed to complete the image.

Another feature of the brand is affordable prices. Visitors to the store do not need large sums to update their wardrobe and look stylish.

Fashion models of "Joy Miss" can be consideredunique. Each model of this brand is sewn in small quantities. Due to this, any kind of clothes belongs to the category "haute couture". This will make you feel unique and unique, wearing a thing from any collection of this brand.

Collection of clothes

A woman dressed in Joey Miss products alwaysattracts admiring glances. Her image is distinguished by bright colors, exquisite styles. The assortment in the store is updated very often. Select suitable models will help sales consultants.

joymiss shop

The company's products are assembled in separate collections, such as:

  • Seasonal collections that differ in the variety of models. They quickly replace each other, without delaying on the shelves. A distinctive feature - the riot of colors and a variety of styles.
  • Joymiss love. A special feature of this collection is the combination of colors, tones and shades. And all this is supplemented by an interesting cut.
  • Collections for complete people creates romanticimages. For her tailoring choose those colors that allow you to carefully and delicately cover the rounded shape of large women. Most often these are pastel or dark tones.
  • Collections of accessories, which are characterized by gentle tones and floral motifs. Collections of jewelry differ in a wide range of shades.

Collections of other goods (handbags, purses, belts, hats) are characterized by the quality of production and the variety of models.

joy miss address

Location of the shops "Joy Miss"

Addresses of shops of this brand:

  • Kotelniki, First Pokrovsky proezd, 5, TRC "Mega Belaya Dacha";
  • St. Petersburg, Bolshevikov Avenue, 18, Nevsky Prospect Company;
  • Chelyabinsk, Kopeiskoye shosse, house 64, SEC "Almaz";
  • Togliatti, Avtozavodskoye shosse, house 5, Shopping and entertainment center "Park House";
  • Tomsk, Komsomolsky Avenue, house 136, SEC "Emerald City".

In Moscow there are several stores of this brand. And all of them are located in shopping centers:

  • Shopping center "Bum", st. Pererva, 43;
  • TC "Metropolis", Leningradskoye sh., D. 16/4, 2nd floor;
  • TRC "Trade Quarter", Domodedovo, Kashirskoye Shosse, 3a.

This is only a small part of the stores of the Joy Miss network, which covers 75 outlets in all regions, including such cities as Orenburg, Voronezh, Yakutsk, Krasnodar and others.


Buyers of the shops of the brand "Joy Miss" respond about the network in different ways. There are also positive reviews, praising the store, the range and sellers. And there are also negative ones.

Of the positive moments that please customers, always distinguish a quality and diverse range.

It is worth paying more attention to negative feedback. In some shops, buyers are unhappy with the behavior of sellers, who not only do not help in choosing, but also "hide behind the counter."

The price of production is another reason for negativeopinions. In the Kotelniki store, prices for clothing labels were lower than those indicated in the check when paid at the checkout. The difference was almost double the cost. Pay attention to it, making your choice.

Another drawback of individual stores -small areas of the room. With a large number of visitors it is difficult to choose the model you need. This creates a large queue. Most buyers believe that this is absolutely unacceptable for stores of this level. Most likely, this is only an isolated case that does not always occur.

All these shortcomings are subjective. And they relate more to the quality of service. The quality of the brand's products is beyond doubt. Having bought the goods of this trademark, a woman can create a unique, stylish, feminine and sophisticated image.

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