How to choose a men's short coat? With what to wear a man's coat

Do you know what a men's short coat is? If not, then this article is for you. Also we will give recommendations on the choice of this product.

What is this thing?

A short coat is the top short clothing. Such a name is obtained because of the length. The style can be different - both classic and trendy. Short coats are worn not only by women, but also by men, the latter, by the way, mostly for the sake of a solid and elegant image. A shorter version is suitable for spring or autumn, and more truly for the winter period. To choose a short coat for men is very carefully. It comes from cashmere, drape, leather and other fashionable materials. It is quite difficult for a man to choose him for the reason that today there are a lot of variations of this clothing.

men's short coat

The main thing to remember is that the coat shouldfit under the basic outfit. For today, designers offer not only a variety of styles, but also fabrics, colors of this clothing. Ideally a men's short coat should fit the length, match the height and shape.

Recommendations for selection

To date, there are different modelsthis outer garment. Earlier, a short coat was worn only in business style. Today, you can choose it for anyone, even sports. If a man is tall, then he needs to choose a model longer than the knee by about 4 fingers. Guys are not worth paying attention to a short thing. When a man chooses a short coat for a stylish suit, then it should not be above the jacket.

men's winter coat

A short model is also suitable for a complete figure. Sleeves in length should reach the middle of the palm, if shorter, then visually will seem small. Colors are better to choose neutral, such as brown, black, gray. They can be varied with bright colors. Important: if the figure is large, then different details, pockets should be as small as possible. If the man is big, then the overhead pockets, large collar or belt will visually make it even more. A short model makes the movements more relaxed and free.

With what to wear?

The more men's short coat is good, so it's because toYou can pick up a huge variety of accessories. Scarf with this clothes looks great. If it's autumn or spring, then it's better to choose a thin one, in the winter, the knitted will look great. However, a bag or briefcase spoils the appearance of a man.

men's short coat photo

Youth men's short coat is a practical thing. It can be worn under different styles of clothing, even under ragged fashion jeans and high sneakers.

With what to wear a leather model?

To date, designers have developed a newfashion trend is a leather short coat for men. It came out in brown and black tones. This short coat should be worn in a strict business style. The cut and its length are quite restrained, which does not allow liberties in this image. Today, the leather coat is fashionable matte, that is, it does not shine. Famous designer Michael Kors proposed models of black and brown colors. Other designers offer almost the same, just add another hood, which sews beautiful and fashionable fur.

Today, a fashionable short coat is something in which there isleather inserts. This is a modern kind of clothes. It is convenient when inserting the skin in those places, where often get rubbed. This is very practical. Usually shabby places are on pockets, elbows and hem. Therefore, there are often found leather inserts.

leather men's short coat

Accessories for such a short coat is easy to choose. It can be leather gloves, a hat or a scarf. But they are picked, as a rule, in the winter, and in the fall, on the contrary, they avoid excesses.

Winter model

Men's winter coat should be not onlybeautiful, but also warm. Therefore pay attention to models with a lining. The length of it should be chosen depending on the image and style. The short coat is chosen not only short, but also long. It is necessary that the collar be warm, preferably with fur. The hood and cuffs should also be warmed in winter. The color scheme for the winter coat is not as diverse as we would like.

Usually these are dark tones, such as black, grayish or dark blue.

It is worn not only with classical footwear, but also with shoes, which have been called "army".

Under the men's winter coat will ideally fitTrousers or jeans, jackets. Of course, do not forget about the warm accessories. The color scheme for them should be the same. A scarf is the most important accessory for a short coat. From it will depend on how the image will look completely. The accessory on the neck will add to the image the charm and sophistication.

Choose a short coat not only monophonic, but stilland with a variety of prints. For example, in a cage. It looks original, especially in red or green tones. Usually such a print is used in cashmere or tweed short coats. However, for full men it is better to choose such clothes as monophonic, and for thin ones, respectively, with drawings. Men usually do not like to clog their wardrobe, so it's better to take a coat with a lining that can be removed. From the calculation of the daily wear of this thing, it is better to buy a short one. So it will be more comfortable. It should be remembered: the simpler the designers designed this thing, the faster and better it is possible to pick up different accessories for it. Note that the short coat requires careful care.


men's short coat photo

Before you hang it in your wardrobe, you need todry cleaning in order to serve as long as possible. Especially the price of the product is quite high, you will not buy it every season. You only need to hang a short coat on your hangers, not on the hook. So it will not lose its appearance for a long time.


Now you know what a men's short coat is, photos of this outerwear are presented in the article. We gave you good advice on how to choose this product and what to wear it with.

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