Pearl river: properties, field of application, photo

Pearl river as a star of the night sky, likeThe spark of snow attracts and attracts to itself. Over time, only the elite could flaunt jewelry from this stone, demonstrating luxury and consistency. But now such products please many thanks to the master jewelers. Natural river pearls are used to create different ornaments for women. Such products will suit both an elegant evening gown and a casual evening dress, such as a sundress and even a business suit. Also, such decoration is an integral part of the wedding image of the bride. Sometimes the pearls are dressed in a young dress, they decorate a veil.

pearl river
What is a pearl? It is a solid round formation that is extracted from the shells of mollusks. Especially valuable is the pearl in the form of a precious stone in jewelry.

The formation of pearls in nature

There is a ripening of pearls in the shell of a mollusk. It gets foreign matter. After around it pearl is laid, which is calcium carbonate and conchiolin. Mother of pearl lies with waves reflected in the light. It turns out ordinary white pearls. But there is also a black pearl (river). There are still green, yellow and blue. The latter are of greatest value, since they are very rare and attractive.

Pearls of the river are extracted from shellfish, which live in fresh water, on the territory of such countries as Russia, Germany, China and the United States of America.

There is no simpler material to createdecorations than river pearls. Earrings from it turn out simply magnificent. But pearls are not stored for long - the oldest jewelry has already collapsed. Only the Cairo Museum has preserved the oldest product, which is more than four thousand years old.

river pearls pictures
Currently, natural pearls are practicallydoes not remain. If someone gets caught, it can be considered an incredible success. Of course, the price for this product is very high. To discover one good pearl, you need to examine many hundreds of shellfish.

An interesting method of appearance

After there is no pearl left in nature, itsbegan to be cultivated on farms. Often it appeared due to small parasites. They were trapped in the mussels, which enveloped the foreign body and began to release mother-of-pearl onto it. Thus, a few years later a pearl was born to twelve millimeters in diameter. In its composition there are many pearlescent layers. In their form, pearls are diverse, and there are no perfectly round ones.

The process of obtaining pearls by man

In the process of cultivation, a similar river pearl is obtained. Its properties are the same, only it ripens under the control of a person and according to the proportions and forms given to them.

river pearl properties
In the late nineteenth century in Japan, a farmerFor twenty years he studied the process of origin of river pearls, until finally he received a patent for his cultivation. Hence the pearl industry began.

How does this process happen? A small ball is injected into the body of the mollusk with a needle. In one sink you can enter several, so that later you can get a few pearls. Next, the above process of coating the ball with mother of pearl occurs. As a result, a pearl of circular ideal shape appears on the light. Only a small surface roughness will indicate that it has grown in a natural environment.

Types and types of pearls

The most valuable is considered to be that pearlRiver, whose shape is round. In the process of cultivation, as a rule, it is almost perfectly round. In nature, you can not guess what kind of pearl can grow. It depends on the bends of the foreign body that got into the shell.

Main categories in the form of pearls:

  • sphere;
  • symmetry;
  • baroque.

These categories are still divided into such forms as:

  • a circle;
  • oval;
  • button;
  • pear;
  • a drop;
  • baroque;
  • semi-baroque.

river pearl earrings
Pearls of river often grow in shapebaroque. This is the most versatile variety, featuring a wide color range. The indisputable leader of his production is China, where the cultivation process began long before the invention of such farms and inoculations of oysters.

Extraction in Russia

In our country, pearls were mined in Valdai. It was believed that the more salmon in the pond, the more the number of pearls there will be. This is due to the fact that the salmon was called "royal fish". Depending on the size, pearls had such names as "pearl cucumber", "pearl beads", "beads".

It was used to decorate women's clothing,headdresses. From it, the special ornaments that served as amulets were expanded. Until the end of the nineteenth century, Rus was engaged in fishing for river pearls. After the beginning of the twentieth century, it was already impossible to find pearls of natural origin even in world markets. This became the privilege of royal families.

The use of pearls

But in the twentieth year of the 19th century the notorious CocoChanel again made pearls popular. She proved his need to complement any outfit. She also introduced a multilayer yarn from river pearls into fashion trends. To make such a decoration, it takes about seven years of tireless painstaking work of the masters on the selection of the necessary number of stones.

natural river pearls
Pearls can be different in shape, color,size, purity and brilliance. In total, more than 100 shades are used now. Asymmetric forms of stones become more fashionable, sometimes fantastic. They provide increased attention to their owners.

Famous jewelry companies representexquisite ornaments. This is an original platinum necklace with a scattering of colored pearls and diamonds, as well as magnificent necklaces of beads of different shades and shapes.

black pearl river
River pearls are universal in their application. Not only decorations, but even shoes are made of it. Such magic in their beauty sandals adorn women's legs. That's only their value, of course, is not disclosed.

A small conclusion

Now you know what a river pearl is, photos for clarity are presented in the article.

Ornaments from thismaterial. It is not particularly important, from which pearls they are made, river or marine, of natural origin or cultivated. He is equally ideal for a person of royal blood, and an ordinary housewife. The shape and color of the pearls will give charm and charm to its owner. Pearls can be worn with almost any clothing. He perfectly combined with a strict office suit, and with a luxurious evening gown. Currently, many women can afford it.

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