Pink pants: what to wear and how to choose

Perhaps there is no more feminine shade thanpink. Today's democratic fashion is very loyal to this color, which replaced the neutral, but boring black and brown scale, dominating in the wardrobes of our compatriots even 2-3 decades ago. Those who follow trends, can afford not only bright accessories, but also pink trousers.

pink pants with what to wear

With what to wear such a thing that simply can notnot to attract attention? This is a very important issue, which should be taken seriously. Here you need not only to carefully choose the style, ideally suited to the figure, but also give due attention to color, and skillfully pick up the top, shoes, jewelry and even make-up.

Shades of pink

The brighter the pink, the more restrained canbe his companions - of course, if you do not set yourself the task of creating a deliberately shimmering image. A suitable time and place for experiments with many bright colors is a summer beach or a nightclub, but in everyday life it is better to choose more reserved details for such expressive things as pink pants. With what to wear such pants for a walk in winter and in the off-season? Answering this question and thinking through the bow, be guided by the sense of the measure and awareness of the relevance.

Gentle pink color in everyday and office fashion

What could be better than a light pink in creatingcloakroom for rest? Going on a trip to warmer regions, be sure to grab a couple of things that are laid-back, relaxing to the touch. In summer it is especially easy to decide what to wear with pink pants. Overview of the details of the wardrobe, which can be combined with such a thing, it makes sense to start with monotonous shirts. Undoubted favorites are white, black and gray tops, to which you can easily pick up shoes. Do you want bright accents? Experiment with multicolored bags and clutches, complement the image with jewelry.

with what to wear pink pants and jeans

Stylists say that such models of pants asSkin and Slim, fit the absolute majority of women of fashion. If you have acquired such a trendy gizmo gently pink, try to complement it with a horse from denim. It can be a top, loose shirt, a classic denim jacket or a fashionable leather jacket. The hint of strawberry ice cream is especially harmonious and looks great both with a deep blue color and with a gentle blue.

Deep Pink

A bright color requires a more serious approach. Many shades will fade against its background, they will look faded and even dirty. If you pick up the top for bright pink trousers, in most cases it will be good to choose neutral colors for a couple of tones darker. Pay attention to sweaters, blouses and jackets of the color of wet asphalt, hot chocolate, deep carmine. Do not forget about black - this combination will be permissible even in a business wardrobe.

with what to wear pink pants review

And with what to wear pink pants and jeans inEveryday life? Choose an effective open shoes with a heel, a snow-white jacket and a top of the same color. In such an ensemble you will simply shine. Beauty Eva Longoria in the previous illustration has opted for this particular combination. In this outfit you can go to the restaurant, and not just walk through the shops.

Complete dominance

Especially brave women of fashion answer the question of how,with what to combine pink pants, very peculiar. Try to imagine a woman dressed in all pink, from a trench coat to a manicure and stones in earrings. Do you think this character is the only place on the set of the series about Barbie? And here not!

with what to combine pink trousers

Such reserved shades, like French and Japanese pink, flock, ash-pink are perfect for such images. By the way, these luxurious colors can be seen even on Queen Elizabeth.

For those who love sports

Very popular today and sports pinkpants. With what to wear them for a run or in a park? This is the case when you can let fantasy disperse. Combine pink sports pants with purple, bright blue, canary-yellow tops, multicolored sweatshirts, T-shirts with bright prints. By the way, the combination of pink sports suits with sneakers of the same color is also often successful.

Pink palette in star bulb

As with what to wear colored pants, you canpeep and glossy pages. For example, Paris Hilton often appears in such things, even on secular parties, creating winning combinations with snow-white, light-silvery, blue-black jackets, translucent blouses, spectacular tops with embroidery.

how and with what to wear colored pants

Sarah Jessica Parker recently appeared beforelenses fully armed: she created a tandem of bright pink trousers and a flying blouse of a fiery hue. Christine Bell preferred a more reserved combination with things in black and white. Shortened bright trousers of Diana Kruger, supplemented by a strict jacket and shining top, made a furor. Pippa Middleton attracted the attention of the paparazzi in a fashion consisting of bright trousers, a shirt blouse with a few tones lighter and bags in the same scale.

How to choose pink pants

With what to wear pink pants, in many respectsdepends on the model. If you go flared from the hip trousers of marlen, combine them with monophonic golf and turtleneck, complement the fitted jackets. To joggers, choose more relaxed, laid-back things of sporting cut. Shortened trousers 7/8 fit well with classic shirts and blouses.

Choose the style that sits well on your figure. In this case, you will not be difficult to pick up a spectacular bottom and a suitable top.

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