Winter fashion: tuscany fur

Recently, in shops, you can increasinglyto meet sheepskin coats of tuscany fur. But very few people are familiar with the features of this material. Yes, and beauty is not always neighbors with durability and practicality. What is the fur of Tuscany?

tuscany fur

Features of tuscany fur

To begin with, tuscany is a fine-fleeceda breed of sheep that was bred in Spain. Tuscany fur often serves as a material for making sheepskin coats. In particular, skins of 2-month-old uncut lambs are used for this purpose.

This type of fur has several importantadvantages. Firstly, it is long, smooth and beautiful. In addition, it is light, soft and quite pleasant to the touch. And most importantly, the fur of Tuscany is very warm. In fact, sheepskins made of this fur are considered to be among the warmest.

How to choose?

fur tuscany reviews
Buying a sheepskin coat from tuscany fur needscheck whether the pile falls out when tingling, although occasionally the cut hairs may remain from the production process. Also do not be surprised that the nap can have a different direction. On the contrary, this indicates that fur is really natural. But absolutely straight and the same direction of the pile is a sign of artificial fur. In addition, be prepared for the fact that the sheepskin coats from ordinary sheep pelts will give out for real fur tuscany. It is equally important when buying sheepskin coats to pay attention to the quality of spraying. Use a light kerchief to check if the fur is being painted. If the manufacturer used substandard dyes, then on the scarf will remain a dark trace.

Sheepskins from Tuscany have somefeatures of wear. For example, if you bought a dark sheepskin coat from the named fur, in the first two weeks do not wear light things under it. Fur, of course, will not shed, but the small hairs remaining after production, are able to spoil the light things. At the same time, with good dressing, fur will never get out and stay on clothes.

Is it worth buying fur tuscany? The testimonies of most people testify in his favor. In particular, many note the strength of this fur. It is made of quality sheepskin coats, which are well suited for severe climate and low temperatures. In addition, real fur tuscany does not roll, does not break in, and most importantly, is easy to clean. You can verify this by reading the information below.

Caring for Tuscany fur

tuscany fur
That the named kind of fur served as it is possible longer, at care of it it is necessary to adhere to simple rules. Let's consider each in order:

  1. After walking in wet weather, always dry the product.
  2. Keep the sheepskin coat on shoulders, and it must be carefully straightened.
  3. To care for the sheepskin coat, use a special fur brush regularly - it will return the product gloss and gloss.
  4. Persistent pollution should not be attempted to withdraw manually - it is better to use dry cleaning services.

Sheepskins made of tuscan fur have a number of advantages over the outer clothing of the ordinary sheep's wool. They are light and warm, so it is comfortable in such clothes even in severe frosts.

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