Fashion sheepskin vest - trend of the season

For active and stylish women and their loved onesmen in the cold season and in the wet weather, the most actual trend of almost all fashion houses and brands for the production of clothing was a natural sheepskin vest. No show of leading couturiers of the "fall-winter" season in Paris, Milan, London or New York has not been without this super-topical thing. Lovers sleeveless is the icon of fashion and television star, stylist and designer Rachel Zoe. In her wardrobe there are a number of such things.

Of course, it's time to find a decent model for you. Why is it so necessary to do? There are a number of reasons for a sheepskin vest to appear in your closet.

vest from natural sheepskin

The first. Fashion

You are always at the peak of fashion, but there is nothing morepopular in this season, than a fur coaster. It can be worn at the club and at a party, for a walk with a dog or to meet friends. You can go there on a date and a fashion event, go in for sports or take a walk in nature with your beloved - everywhere this garment will be in place, it will be interesting to look and attract admiring attention to you.

The second. Form

Sheepskin vest all to face. Blondes, brunettes or red, slender, athletic or appetizing, young girls or grown-up ladies - on every woman this fashion accessory will look like a chic decoration. Covering it advantageously highlights all possible merits of the figure, modestly obscuring any shortcomings. By picking up shoes, a belt or belt, a handbag and ornaments, you will create a universal and suitable image for you to go out into the light, for rest and in general for any situation.

The third. Style

Putting on a sheepskin fur vest, you emphasizeIts individual and unique style, based on the luxury of natural fur. What else can decorate a woman so much, emphasize her elegance, nobility and exquisite taste ?!

Fourth. Practicality

sheepskin female waistcoat

One more reason is the practicality of qualitativea thing that will serve you more than one year. Clothing in the ethnic style has always been and will be at the peak of popularity. Fabrics, cut and style can change, and the folk classics will remain unchanged. Others will be only accessories, handbags, shoes, trousers and skirts. The sheepskin waistcoat will remain virtually unchanged and still as fresh and modern. Even if it once seems to you that the sleeveless jacket is boring or out of fashion, it will still remain comfortable, cozy and warm clothes for relaxing with your family and household chores.

vest from natural sheepskin

Fifth. Price

Even a sleeveless jacket from a fashion brand hasquite an acceptable price, if you approximately consider that only the warranty period of wearing socks made from sheep's fur is about seven years. A quality vest from a sheepskin female from not so untwisted brand, but with an excellent dressing and a classical cut can be generally called a profitable purchase.

The sixth. Warm, cozy, comfortable

Natural fur is the best option for a coolweather. Cut the sleeveless shirt will not clamp your movements, the fur will reliably protect against freezing. Woolen nap will pleasantly massage your body, relax tired muscles, stimulate nerve endings, and thereby improve blood circulation and sleep. The beneficial effect of sheep's fur on the human body is proved by numerous studies.

What models do designers offer today?

You can choose an option for your taste and purse.

  • Trendy vest from sheepskin, interpretation underold: made in the technique of patchwork from collected in the form of diamonds pieces of fur, with a neckline, armholes and patch pockets. This option looks a bit brutal and will suit, rather, to the image in the style of "rock" - tight pants or shorts, a short skirt and leather details.
  • An original vest in the style of an old-fashioned sheepskin coat. It is a rough piece sewn from a simple fitted cut of a detail made of sheepskin, with an elongated fur trim. Despite its seeming external imperfection and angularity, it helps to create delicate, elegant and light images with long dresses, tight pencil skirts and pants, both narrowed and straight, and even free cut.
  • sheepskin fur vest
    Unusual vests, cut out by fur outside. As a decoration, tiny sleeves and a lambskin ornament of a darker color appear. This option will look, oddly enough, with a business wardrobe, held in the rules of the dress code. Other combinations may weigh it somewhat.
  • Youth and feminine solution - fitteda tamer made with fur outside and cut out of diamond-shaped pieces. The highlight of the model is a volumetric long-wortner stand. A universal thing for almost any combination in clothing.
  • The conceptual solution is a waistcoat in the form of a sheepskin coat without sleeves. Exquisite clothes with the possibility of multifunctional solutions. It is combined with almost everything that fits in color.
  • Avant-garde decision - a sleeveless shirt, tailored ina piece of fur with slots for the hands. The descending, irregular form makes the figure feminine and fragile. It will look with things of a fitted silhouette and light textures.
  • Trends of fashion - sheepskin waistcoats with elongatedpile, reaching almost to the knee. This is a complex clothing, which almost hides the figure and makes it larger. She suits very harmonous girls and puts on without a bottom part of clothes, on a turtleneck, but under a belt.

men's sheepskin vest

You have already decided on your choice, now you should know what the modelers offer for your loved one. You can buy a men's fur vest from sheepskin topical styles:

  • With a long nap for an elegant and fashionable young man.
  • In the style of military with camouflage details.
  • Classical cut of pieces of fur.
  • Quilted or in a sports style.
  • Crown in the form of sheepskin coat.

Love yourself, give yourself and your man to keep warm in a universal, comfortable, practical and fashionable waistcoat made from natural sheepskin.

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