Trend of the season: stylish and fashionable dresses for every day

Today the designers of the worldaccenting element in the fashion collection is a dress. This is the most exquisite outfit from the women's wardrobe. On the prom night or anniversary, on a date or at work, and, of course, on a wedding - every girl must put on her dresses. For each day, choose more concise styles, and for the party unchanged and trendy. It is difficult to say which style is best to choose, so as not to be mistaken with the style. After all, modern fashion is a real mix of trends and trends. But note some of the stylistic features of fashionable dresses can.

dresses for every day

The main preference in the new season is givenfashion "hourglass" and A-shaped silhouette. Such dresses are suitable for most women every day. If a tightly fitting dress-pencil can afford only a very slender girl with the right proportions, then the "hourglass" is suitable for a fair sex with any makeup. The A-shaped silhouette is also quite versatile. Although women with a large bust or broad shoulders, it is better to still choose the more contiguous models.

The length of the outfits varies from mini to maxi. And maxi can be worn even for work, so long dresses for every day are in great demand.

Particularly relevant as models with odor,emphasizing the femininity of the image, and more closed with a collar-boat in the style of the 50-ies. Fashion today does not set the main shades, it is based on creating a laconic image that supports a certain direction. Stylish dresses for every day are used to create such a fashionable image.

Knitted variants are singled out in a separate category. In cold weather, such warm and soft dense knitting patterns with collar-like collars or ethnic prints are especially convenient to wear while walking around the city. For beach recreation, open patterns of light weave are selected, emphasizing the beauty of the tan.

long dresses for every day

If we talk about fabric, then the favorite of the summerThere remain cotton specimens and silk. Cotton sewed models even for the office version, and silk long dresses adorn the woman on vacation. In winter, woolen fabrics are preferred, with or without elastin. Lighter materials are used for flared silhouettes, and dense are great for dresses for every day in a classic style. Particular attention is paid to lace, from which a variety of models are sewn and new styles are created.

The color palette of the season is pastel-pearlshades of gray, blue and beige, as well as more juicy coral, turquoise and bright yellow tones. The color of the dress depends on the color. If the print on the fabric is large enough in size, then it becomes an accenting element of the entire image created. Silhouette in this case is the simplest, such as a long tunic. But such models are usually worn for identical cases or going to a club party.

stylish dresses for every day

Dresses for every day are preferably chosenmonochromatic or with a small pattern. It can be romantic fabrics with floral pattern or polka dots, or more strict with small geometric figures or fantasy print.

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