Blouse with open shoulders: models with what to wear. Summer Blouses

Women's shoulders - one of the most exciting andsensual parts of the female body. For the shoulder, a beloved young man tries to embrace, the shoulders are sung in his classic stories, the shoulder is one of the most frequently depicted elements in the paintings of great artists. Sharp, round, soft, gentle - the shoulders intrigue the strong half of the world.

According to surveys, 80% of men between a woman withbright make-up, dressed simply, and a girl without make-up, but with open shoulders, will choose the second option as more feminine. Open shoulders give the girl helplessness, and the man needs to be a strong defender next to the fragile lady of the heart.

The whiteness of the shoulder, the slowness, the open bends of the neck -all this is easy to demonstrate, if you successfully choose a blouse. The most successful solution, allowing to give the image of lightness, airiness, festivity - blouse with open shoulders.

Types of blouses

In this seemingly simple matter, like a blousewith open shoulders, you can easily get confused. Recently women of fashion are offered a large selection of models that satisfy the most refined taste and perfectly combine not only with summer dresses, but also with classical clothes and even sports style.

blouse with open shoulders

There are several types of blouses with open shoulders:

  • with the shoulders down;
  • with the shoulders down on the straps;
  • without straps;
  • with cut-outs on the shoulders;
  • asymmetrical;
  • on an elastic band.

Popular Models

Most popular in the current season is a blouse with open shoulders asymmetrical cut. Such models assume the presence of straps on one shoulder or shuttle, which falls off the other shoulder.

The slightly open part of the body looks intriguing andeasily, only hinting at sexuality. Gives this model of lightness. The image looks evening, but correctly combined and suitable for a summer walk along the coast.

Blouse with flounces is a good decision if you need to create an interesting image. Such a model is not as provocative and aggressive as sweatshirts or corsets.

Hit of the season - clothes in the so-called "underwear"style ". Such things look as if the landlady forgot to take off her nightgown and corrected the oversight, throwing a jacket over her shoulders. The material for such blouses is lightweight, flying. Often it is silk, chiffon, sometimes viscose. Models do on thin straps, the silhouette is not fitted, but free. These jackets look easy, elegant, but they need to be worn carefully.

blouse with flounce

Models with deflated shoulders look more severe than classic ones. They are suitable for the daily image, they blend well with the office style.

Blouse with slits

Blouse with open shoulders with slits is good foruse in the daily wardrobe. Looks like these sweaters more modestly than described above, but at the same time leave a hint and intrigue, allowing you to combine them with a working wardrobe. Cleverly selected accessories easily transform the image from everyday into evening.

shoulder blouse

Blouse with open shoulders on the elastic band hasseveral varieties. It can be supplemented with flounces of different sizes or frills. Such decorative elements skillfully mask faults, visually reduce hands and increase the volume of the breast. There are models with open shoulders, with sleeves down, bando. Models with open shoulders can have a sleeve of any length - from short sleeves-wings to full-sized wide, long to the wrist. Open shoulders in such models look coquettish, and hidden hands make the image more aristocratic.

Where to wear

A blouse with open shoulders is a rather demanding element of the wardrobe. You should wear such things carefully, carefully thinking through the image.

The model with open shoulders, thanks to a widekuliske, allows you to create an interesting beach image. Open arms, neck and back will feel great under the hot sun, and the owner of such a gentle outfit will be surrounded by attention.

Blouses with cutouts on the shoulders are suitable for work inoffice. It is necessary to choose models with small cuts, so that the shoulders only gently flicker. Such a model will not look defiant in strict office walls, and also perfectly suits alongside in the style of kazhual.

summer blouses

Models with corsets - an excellent solution for the exitin the light or festive party. There are everyday tops of a corset type, supplemented with kulis or basques. Such things are combined with everyday and evening style. Putting on a similar top-dress in the daytime, it is worth remembering that the outfit will be appropriate for walking in a park or picnic, to work or visit an official institution with a working visit, you need to choose a more formal top.

It is worth considering that with open shoulders are, most often, summer blouses. In winter, this outfit looks out of place and is suitable only for a visit to the theater or an official evening.

Who to wear

Most models of open top sweats require you to bare your shoulders. To blouse with the shoulder down or cutouts looked beautiful, you need to choose a wardrobe based on the type of your figure.

The model with shoulder straps and shoulder down is goodsuitable for girls who have a figure - a triangle. Such a blouse hides its hands, leaving an intrigue. Shoulders look smoother, and the voluminous bottom creates the impression of a thin waist.

Blouses with slits well suited to the owners of magnificent shapes. They create an easy image and do not emphasize the forms of the lady.

Asymmetric model is suitable only for those who haveideal hands, chiseled, with thin bones and delineated lines of muscles. Owners of outstanding shapes will look ridiculous in such blouses - an open one shoulder creates the appearance that the thing is small to its owner.

Blouse-karmen with a kulisko on an elastic band approaches or suitsabsolutely everything. This model allows you to play with the options for wearing it. The jacket can be lowered on the shoulders, asymmetrical, bare one shoulder or two at a time.

With what to wear

Depending on which image is selected, it is necessary to decide which one to choose the bottom. For voluminous jackets, a tight bottom is suitable. Excellent blouses with open shoulders are combined with jeans.

Another option combination - with short shorts or overalls. This outfit is well suited for a summer walk and looks mischievous and stylish.

Strict forms with corsets are best combined with graded skirts made of hard materials or trousers-pipes.

blouses with open shoulders with what to wear

Choosing blouses with open shoulders, with what to wearthey must be thought out in advance. For example, a corset jacket looks good both with a skirt, and with shorts and trousers, but shoes should be selected more carefully. The ideal solution for such a top will be sandals with heels or sandals on a wedge. To combine the corset with sneakers or sneakers, the image needs to be thought through to the hairstyle, otherwise there will be a bad taste effect.


Choosing voluminous summer blouses, accessoriesit is necessary to select carefully. The length of the decoration on the neck should be combined with the look of the sweater. For example, a blouse with a flounce, with a volumetric bottom, is well combined with a thin pendant on a chain of medium length. Also, you can add massive bracelets to the image.

blouse with open shoulders on an elastic band

The blouse with the lowered shoulder is perfectly combined with bracelets. Decoration on the neck to this model is better not to use - the original neck does not need additional elements.

It is important not to overdo with ornaments, otherwise the effect of an interesting top will be lost.


It is good to use interesting accessories - glasses, bandages on the head or hats, flowers in the hair. "Carmen" is perfectly combined with a flower in the hair, for good reason this model is called "peasant woman".

The broad-brimmed hat in addition to the bare shoulders with skillfully selected glasses will give the lady an aristocratic look and will make the image gentle and elegant.

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