How to quickly fold a T-shirt: three ways and a bonus tip

Almost every one of us, going to the stores withsportswear or at the height of the summer season, I often saw neat t-shirts of T-shirts without a single wrinkle, laid out like a ruler. Agree, it is difficult to imagine that sales consultants can fold the T-shirt in 2 seconds in the usual way, so that after a moment it again had the original appearance. Even in such a case as folding clothes, there are secrets, but they are known to few. About how quickly to fold a T-shirt (and beautiful!), This article will tell.

The first way

There are three methods of folding. Consider them in order. The first way, the so-called "Chinese" (they always invent something!) - the most popular, and, perhaps, only the laziest has not yet had time to use it or even try it.

how to quickly fold a t-shirt

To lay down a T-shirt, put it in front of you andspread out. Grasp the left hand by the middle of the right side, not far from the seam, and the right arm - by the right shoulder. Then, without letting go of the shoulder, move your right hand from the same side down to the hem and simultaneously pinch it. Now just pick up the T-shirt and pull your hands in different directions. If you did everything right, then from the bottom there will be one sleeve. Just bend it to the bottom. Done! Now you know how to quickly fold a T-shirt without unnecessary gestures.

The second way

It is also called "Italian", and is similar tostandard folding method, but twice as fast. Again, lay the t-shirt in front of you along, but now take the grip on one side with both hands: over the shoulder, closer to the collar and on the same line at the hem. A bend will result, on one side of which the strip of fabric will be wider than the other. The less wide part (she with a sleeve) should be behind a fold, and the big one - before you. Then, remove your hands, folding a t-shirt in half, and from the other side, just grab a free shoulder and hem - they themselves will meet each other. As in the first method, on the one hand will hang out the sleeve, which safely hides down. You can now tell your friends about this method so that they also know how to quickly fold the T-shirt "in Italian".

fold the t-shirt in 2 seconds

The third way

Designed for those who are not looking for easy ways,well, or has so extensive a wardrobe that without a special means, it will not be easy for him to manage. For work you need 2 pieces of cardboard 25x72 cm, one 35х72 cm and one more 25х36 cm, and also an adhesive tape (it is better thicker). Take a piece of 35x72 cm and glue it to it with adhesive tape 2 pieces of 25x72 cm so that they open and close like shutters. The distance between them should be equal to a piece of 25x36 cm, which is fastened between the "shutter" in exactly the same way, and the upper part of it must coincide with their middle. Our device is ready. Now we need to throw a t-shirt in there, wrap it up to half of the sleeve, close first the right wing, then - left, and finally the bottom one. The t-shirt is folded! This method is less common, but among other tips on how to quickly fold a T-shirt, it is the most interesting and unusual.

how to fold a T-shirt correctly

Bonus tip

And finally, let's talk about a special method forthose who go on vacation, travel or camping. How to properly fold a T-shirt so that it takes up a minimum of space in a backpack or suitcase? It's simple: first wrap the sleeves, then the right side of the T-shirt at the width of the neck, and just the left. Clothes will be folded along three times. After that, from the side of the gate, start to roll the resulting strip into a roll, and after reaching the end, fill this "sausage" in the hem - so it does not turn around. That's the whole secret - now your T-shirts occupy the minimum space!

The advantages of these methods are not only inthe speed of folding clothes, but they are also needed to keep their clothes in order. A neatly folded T-shirt (if it's not linen) does not always require ironing, and it's much faster to find the right thing in the closet.

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