Patrols - sneakers for stylish people

For today from fans of a sports fashionmore and more often you can hear the name "patrols". These sneakers are not at all the shoes that we are used to. Designers please sports fans with interesting inventions.

patrolling sneakers

Patrols - sneakers-sneakers

So, now more. Patrols - "sneakers-hybrid" in combination with ordinary sneakers. They look very interesting, and most importantly, their owners are comfortable enough in them. It is believed that this model was developed specifically for cyclists and skateboarders. Because of the characteristics of such sports, it was simply extremely necessary for them to have shoes that are more sensitive than on ordinary sneakers. Patrols have become an ideal option, combining a stylish upper shoe along with such a sole. Another "chip" of these models is a special lacing. This is their main difference.

shoes patrol

Stylish and practical

In general, sneakers, sneakers, shoes, patrols - shoes are notonly fashionable and interesting, but also very comfortable. Fans of sports shoes appreciate such models for these qualities. Although not everyone knows the difference between them. Especially, for example, than differ sneakers and patrols. In fact, everything here is extremely simple. Patrols are much larger in size. It is not always necessary to tie them up. By the way, for good reason they are also called "swollen sneakers" (for the fact that they look too large). Another highlight of the model - the presence of a soft high tab, which, as a rule, is a corporate logo. Patrols are executed either in classical style, or in bright colors with colorful prints and laces. Due to the soft wear-resistant sole, the shoes are very comfortable. Therefore, you can use it everyday. Moreover, it is very practical, as it perfectly combines with the street and sports style.

the difference between sneakers and patrols

With what to wear?

Patrols - sneakers that require correctcombination with different elements of the wardrobe. For example, if you buy bright models with prints, do not wear too flashy things. So you can overload your image.

Bright patrol-sneakers in the summer preferablywear with a T-shirt and shorts. The girls will also wear a denim mini skirt with a t-shirt of the same shade as the shoes. In the evening, it is best to wear tight jeans and a stylish youth shirt.

Spring or autumn is a great sweater. The combination with torn jeans will be an ideal option.

Well, snow-white patrols can be worn with almost all clothing. Girls can wear even sundresses or long skirts.

Making the right choice

However, this is not all that should be known aboutthese shoes. Patrols need to be able to also correctly pick up. That is, carefully consider their appearance when buying. First, all the lines should be very neat. If they are uneven or they stick out of threads, most likely you are holding a fake. In addition, substandard shoes (patrols in this case) can have an unevenly pasted or mistaken label.

See also the price. Good patrols can not cost cheap. Prefer the sneakers of famous brands - AX, Puma, Converse, etc. Pay attention to the packaging when choosing. It should also be of high quality, with the correct inscription and logo. In addition, many well-known brands put in boxes besides shoes also information about the model and the manufacturer.

sneakers shoes patrol

Buying patrols, they need not onlytry on, but also try to walk in them. The leg should feel as comfortable and comfortable as possible. It is best to buy your favorite model after dinner. At this time, the leg swells and becomes slightly fuller. And, of course, you need to measure both sneakers, since the size of the feet of many people, it sometimes happens, is different.

When choosing winter patrols, carefully study the sole. It must necessarily be corrugated to prevent slipping. The insole must be insulated.

Do not forget also that you should not orient yourself to another's taste. Patrols should like you personally. In that case, you will wear them with great pleasure.

In a word, sneakers patrols - stylish, brightyouth sports shoes. If you like to look fashionable and extravagant, this option is exactly what you need. You can safely go shopping! Be sure, you will not regret!

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