Demi-season shoes: how to choose and what to wear

"Nature does not have bad weather," it says.words of the famous song. However, in fact, we are often confronted with the fact that during the off-season, that is, in the autumn and in the spring, the bright sun is rapidly replaced by menacing clouds and torrential rain. To survive all the vagaries of the weather, you just need a quality demi-season shoes.

demi-season shoes
We choose the material

What shoes are made of, in many respectsdetermines its wear resistance, adaptability to changes in temperature and high humidity. The optimum version of material for shoes or boots is natural leather. In leather shoes, the legs will not be hot on a sunny day, and in frost it will protect you from hypothermia. There is a skin one minus: it misses not only air, but also water. Walking in such shoes on puddles, you risk getting your feet wet. However, manufacturers have also struggled with this problem. Demi-season shoes made of leather often have a special moisture-repellent impregnation.

Patent leather does not let water in, butthus it is afraid of excessive humidity. If you have purchased lacquer boots, then stock up on soft cloths that will constantly rub the shoes. The varnish looks elegant, but it is too capricious and short-lived.

Suede is the most delicate material. Suede boots look stylish and elegant. However, they will have to be carefully looked after. Also forget to show off in suede shoes in wet weather.

Demi-season shoes from leatherette can be quite high quality. However, she will not serve you for a long time, and her feet will sweat constantly.

women's demi-season shoes
To the store for shoes

Be sure to try on a pair of shoes thatgoing to buy. Walk around the store to assess the convenience of the shoe. If your legs are prone to swelling, then go to the store late in the evening, so as not to lose with the size.

Also we recommend trying on both boots, sincemost people have different feet. Demi-season shoes should have a slightly corrugated surface of the sole, in order to insure you from a drop on the ice with a sharp cooling.

Heel height is a matter of taste. Of course, for everyday wear it is better not to choose high. We also recommend buying shoes with a stable heel shape. Long hairpins are best reserved for parties.

Women's demi-season shoes: types and features

The range of women's shoes is very wide. On the shelves you can find a model for every taste and purse. What demi-season shoes for women there?

Botillons are a trend of recent years. Any fashionista simply must have them in her wardrobe. Ankle boots are shortened boots that cover only the ankle. They can be on a snake, lacing, clasp. Models ankle boots - the most diverse, they are made of any materials.

demi season shoes
The choice is simply huge, but it is necessary to take into account severalnuances. Botilions with a high bootleg are contraindicated to owners of full and short legs. Such women are more suitable for maximally open shoes. Slender beauties are not recommended to buy ankle boots on a platform or with a lot of massive ornaments.

Shoes look somewhat like ankle boots, but they havehigher bootleg. Such shoes can make caviar thinner, and legs are generally more elegant. Half-boots are great for an ensemble with a knee-length skirt. Breeches with such shoes can not be combined in any case.

As for the boots, the shoes are demi-seasonThis model is usually present in the wardrobe of every woman. It is quite versatile, because it can be combined with a skirt, trousers, jeans, tunics and dresses. Perfectly selected boots can become a highlight of the image and make you irresistible. Choose them so that they fit tightly over the entire length of the leg.

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