Adidas Climacool - technology of lightness and weightlessness

With the advent of a new collection of shoe brandAdidas sports world is replenished with innovative technologies and the latest developments. The technological innovation of Adidas Climacool provides excellent ventilation of the legs and the removal of droplets of sweat from their surface. This is due to the use of breathable materials with excellent microscopic patency. With this role, the inserts from mesh fabrics in the necessary areas are very good. Due to the removal of moisture and heat, the skin of the legs remains dry, and the physical loads are transferred easier.

Advantages of Climacool technology

  • Provides the removal of droplets of sweat from the surfaceskin and ventilation. This is due to the use of multifunctional materials, which absorb the moisture amazingly and bring it to the surface for subsequent evaporation.
  • Guarantee of effective air circulation around the foot while driving.
  • Thanks to the perforation on the insole, air permeability is greatly increased.
  • Absence of allergens that can provoke local irritation.

adidas climacool

Purpose and design features

Adidas Climacool technology was inventedespecially for jogging in the hot season. Long distances can be easily overcome thanks to the ventilated design of the sole and perforated insole. The Climacool fabric, in turn, also provides a comprehensive intake of air.

The sole is made of reliable and high-quality Adiwear polymers, which impart wear resistance and durability of shoes. Thanks to such a component as clover, moisture is removed and the leg is cooled.

The lineup

To assess the excellent quality of this brand,It is necessary to buy shoes made using Adidas Climacool technology. Sneakers in this series have the widest range, but differ in design and color. The model range is presented in five main variations. The following positions are selected by Adidas Climacool:

  • Classic - this sneakers are the embodiment oflightness. This model is designed for cross-country sports. Sneakers have an additional foot support system, creating for it the most comfortable conditions.
  • Modulate - a kind of sneakers series Climacool, the sole of which is divided into segments. This design of the sole provides excellent flexibility during movement and incredible lightness.
  • Aerate - a model of sneakers with a stabilization skeleton, designed for significant loads.
  • Revolution - sneakers with segmented soles, perforated insole and net top.
  • Ride is a model of breathable running shoes made of mesh material using 360 ° technology.

adidas climacool sneakers

A warmed version of Adidas Climacool

Winter sneakers, made by three-dimensionalinnovative technology, are an excellent option for men of any age category. The design of all models is modern and stylish. In winter, this footwear, made on the basis of Adidas Climacool technology, protects the feet not only from moisture, but also from the cold.

The upper part of the sneakers is made of leather orsuede. The lining material is quite warm and even in severe frosts it will not allow the foot to freeze. Thanks to high-quality treads, grip with any surface will be ideal.

adidas climacool sneakers reviews

Reviews and price range of Adidas Climacool

Sneakers, reviews about which are differentextremely positive direction, incredibly light and perfectly ventilated. Thanks to this shoe, the leg breathes and does not experience discomfort during running. Another advantage of sneakers, according to buyers, is a perfect shock absorption and adhesion to any surface. A perfect choice for active people will be sports shoes with Adidas Climacool technology. It is perfect for rainy and rainy weather.

Sneakers with innovative technology Climacoolembody comfort and dryness. Thanks to the breathable sole, perforated insole and the top of the microscopic mesh, this shoe meets all the requirements of customers. Pleasure is not only delivered by sports, but also walks in the hot season using this shoe. Sneakers perfectly amenable to washing and cleaning, while unpretentious in toe.

The price policy of the original products of this brand varies between 3-4.5 thousand rubles. The cost is fully consistent with the quality of the sneakers and is a guarantee of long-term use.

adidas climacool sneakers winter

What is the purpose of this series of sneakers?

Shoes of this category are designed forfans of minimalism and stable comfort. Adidas Climacool sneakers are very soft, but massive. Thanks to a breathable structure and incredible strength, they are ideal for active people. In this shoe, you can go in for sports, walk, drive a car or travel.

It should be noted that the main difference between thisline from other light sneakers is a flexible and smooth damping of pressure during running. Thanks to a huge assortment of both male and female models, every active person will be able to find sneakers in accordance with their taste preferences.

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