What should be women's panties?

Underwear is a separate item in thewardrobe of every woman. A lot of panties, sets, bras and other types of it can be found without much difficulty. And all this because underwear - decorates the body, makes it more feminine and attractive, which is especially important for psychological impact on the opposite sex.

Women's panties can have different forms: classics, thongs, shorts and others, each kind fits a certain type of clothing. However, recently many women prefer thongs. In this there is nothing surprising, because two triangles connected by a strip are not visible under tight clothes, and the look is very attractive.

It should be noted that strings can also bedifferent species. Shorts strings are more similar to ordinary panties, but less frank, because they cover part of the buttocks. A novelty in the world of underwear can be considered C-string, which more like a female sanitary napkin, since they do not have strips connecting the back and front parts together. It should be noted that such "panties" are very convenient when wearing very tight clothing, for example, evening dresses or skirts.

Another type - tanga string - classicala kind of string. Such panties certainly have every woman in her wardrobe. Their popularity among the opposite sex led to the appearance of swimsuits with a lower part of this kind. It has been the subject of many complexes and thinking fashionistas who have curvaceous. But by 2010 fashion windy attach great importance to other types of bathing shorts, so they could breathe easy.

No matter what kind of women's pants are youprefer, they should be chosen correctly. First of all, they must match your true size. Otherwise, not only thong thongs or shorts, but also ordinary trunks will rub, creating a feeling of discomfort. In addition, smaller clothes can be allocated under clothing, which will only spoil the overall impression of appearance. After all, everyone knows that the main rule when selecting clothes under clothes - "you should get the impression that there is no linen on you"

It is desirable that women's panties be sewn fromnatural materials. This is necessary for the skin to breathe and the laundry does not accumulate excess fluid, as this leads to the multiplication of bacteria, which can cause extremely negative consequences.

There are also some rules for wearing clothes. So shorts string, with-string or some other of their varieties, can not be worn constantly. This is due to the possibility of the occurrence of various diseases related to both gynecology and the condition of the rectum. The fact is that the strip connecting two triangles from below constantly rubs, albeit unnoticeably. As a result, bacteria from the anus can move into the intimate zone, leading to inflammation. Some experts say that it is the thong that can cause hemorrhoids and cystitis.

Women's shorts are quickly stalled, soYou need to change them during the day as often as possible. Specialists also recommend wearing thin pads for each day, which also require the most frequent change.

As for swimsuits, the option with strings is not recommended, as the sun and salt water will dry the delicate skin of the intimate area, which does not need it at all.

Thus, selecting underwear,stop your choice not only on what is beautiful. The choice should combine quality, natural fabrics, to match your size and taste. Let everyday linen be more comfortable, and linen for special occasions corresponds to its destination for 100%.

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