"Kari" (shoes): customer reviews

Shoes - this is something you can not do without. In addition to that it should just be, the footwear must still be different: sports, model, different colors and shades, elegant, casual and very festive (shoes for the bride, for example). But the most important thing to her demand is comfort and comfort for the feet.

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About the brand

Most recently, a newbrand - "Kari". The company specializes in the production of men's and women's footwear, various accessories. According to the format, the European Fast Fashion network is Russian "Kari" (shoes). Customer feedback on the quality of goods, service, assortment - the most different. The company's products are also represented on the markets of Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. The price policy is the accessibility of a wide consumer audience. The general style of design, the color scheme gives the opportunity to immediately notice that before you the store "Kari". Shoes are presented completely different styles for any occasions: from moccasins to model boots. Also here you can buy men's, women's and children's clothes, pantyhose.

Price accessibility

Acceptable prices, various promotions, discounts, of coursethe same, attract people and increase the number of those who want to buy "Kari" (shoes). Customer feedback on prices is mostly positive. Here you can afford to buy more than one pair of updates for different purposes and for different outfits.


Consumer opinions about the quality of goodsvery different from each other. Some are satisfied with everything, and they are ready to buy something again, others complain about the marriage in products, a specific smell, poor-quality raw materials, from which "Kari" (shoes) is made. Reviews of this category of buyers, of course, are negative. As a plus, the brightness and unusualness of the models is noted.

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Service Level

The goods are located on the shelves, and like the samples,and other sizes. The style of service is self-service. The attendants will help, if to it to address. The stores have catalogs of novelties, where the shoes "Kari" are presented. Feedback about the level of service is also contradictory. Someone likes to choose the purchase and not to answer the constant questions of the managers of the hall, but someone got used to being given professional advice about the goods they liked. A large selection of accessories allows you to immediately create an original image. For example, a pretty clutch plus an evening version of the shoes of the brand "Kari" (shoes). Reviews in this regard are positive.

Shoe does not happen much

kari shoes reviews
As you know, there is not much shoe. Especially it concerns women. Ask anybody if she has extra shoes? The answer is likely to be: "No". In part this is true. In order to look fashionable and beautiful, you need to consider the harmony of color, style, audience with which you have to communicate, as well as the place where you are going when choosing a general wardrobe. But do not forget about comfort for your feet. In this case, it is necessary to determine the priority: diversity or quality. If both, together - then more money will go to buy, and the only condition for the dream will be the size of the personal budget.

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