Shoes Aldo. Democratic beauty from Canadians

ALDO - shoe company, which by its exampleproved that you can achieve success and worldwide glory in the shortest possible time. What is the secret of mastery of the firm? Firstly, because they thought about customers from the very beginning of their work, they took into account their preferences and tastes, followed the fashion trends and did not forget about the quality of the products.

aldo shoes
Shoes ALDO first appeared in showcases in 1972year. The founder of the company is the Frenchman Aldo Bensadoun - one of the most influential figures in the Canadian shoe industry. In the 70's, he decided to open a separate company that produces footwear, which is part of the Aldo Group. ALDO Group - a large and profitable company, which at the time produced clothing and shoes for retail sale. Six years after the founding of a small firm in Montreal, Aldo models became a brand. The popularity of shoes increased, along with the company's profit. After a while, the opening of the same stores around the country began. So, for example, by 1993 in Canada there were already more than ninety branded boutiques. From Canada, the goods went to the US, and then all over the world. Before the advent of the 21st century, another 125 stores around the world were opened, but this was only a starting point in the history of the company's development.

aldo shoes
ALDO footwear was appreciatedEurope, and in Asia. Already at the beginning of the 21st century, English, Portuguese, Africans and Poles, Russians and Egyptians, Danes and Maltese were trained in Aldo. In Moscow, Aldo first appeared in 2006, to date, the company's stores are open in many major cities of our vast homeland. In total, according to estimates for 2011, the company has more than a thousand stores in 65 countries, as well as ALDO Accessories boutiques in 19 countries. Constantly open new stores in the largest shopping centers of capitals.

Speaking about the assortment, it is worth mentioning thatfootwear ALDO is divided into male and female, the company does not produce children's products. For women, the choice of models is incredibly diverse. Here you will find both shoes, and sandals, and ankle boots, and boots, and clogs, and much more. Classic and extravagant, casual and evening - which only pairs of shoes are not here! As for men, everything here is more reserved. In the priority of shoes, moccasins, sandals. But how do eyes diverge at the sight of decoration and texture! Leather and suede, lambskin decor, various strings, rivets, ties, zippers ... You will find shoes in this boutique not only for a warm period, but also for the harsh realities of Russia's winter climate.

ALDO shoes reflects the latest trends of fashion. Shoes of the most fashionable colors of classic and extravagant models like even the most biased women of fashion and mods. The company actively cooperates with fashion houses in Tokyo, Milan, London and Paris.

aldo brue shoes
ALDO shoes are not only stylish, but also practical. Canadian designers take care that their customers feel comfortable in branded shoes.

It is worth noting that there is another brand withsimilar name, namely Aldo Brue. Shoes from this company is also popular in the market, but has a different clientele. If the Canadian brand Aldo is democratic and affordable, then the Italian belongs to the class of luxury. Target audience of Italians: businessmen and their ladies, influential statesmen.

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