Sneakers for running

If you decide to take a wellness run,then the first thing you need to take care of shoes. It will be best to buy special running shoes. If the shoes are picked up incorrectly, then instead of the expected result, you can get the opposite effect and only hurt your health, because when running, the spine and the whole human body are under heavy load, and the wrong shoes will cause the joints and intervertebral discs to suffer a shock load.

Sneakers for running have heel and toeshock absorbers, significantly reducing the load on the foot when carrying weight from the heel to the toe. In addition, good shock absorbers improve repulsion and add speed, so when buying sneakers for running, you need to take responsibility with all responsibility to their choice.

The main criterion when buying sneakers forRunning is their ability to amortize. Scientific laboratories have developed various shock absorbers for the heel - these are special split heels, small clever springs and air cushions. Shock absorbers, made using modern technology Air, are a cavity inside the sole, filled with gas under pressure, the so-called gel pillow. Sneakers Air, produced by Nike, using this technology, is called the legend of the twentieth century and compared with the invention of the telegraph.

Running shoes designed for running must belight, comfortable and durable. They should sit tightly on the leg, so you need to choose only sneakers with lacing and no velcro! To test the sneakers for strength, you need to fold them in half lacing inward and examine the folds on the sole and the strength of the adhesive layer. The sole should not be flat, and its thickness should not be less than eight millimeters. Running sneakers for men, like women, usually have a small height, smoothly bending up the nose and a slight rise in the area of ​​the heel.

If you plan to run on the asphalt - you need tochoose a corrugated sole, and for jogging on rugged terrain a coarser outsole with grooves is more suitable. This sole suits better for the ground and does not slip. It is important that the front of the sole is with an insert to soften the blows, and the arch of the foot must necessarily be with flutes of flexibility and have a rigid bar - arch support.

It's better to choose sneakers made fromNatural materials - leather, cotton and special mesh. The material used to make the top of the sneakers should not only be soft, breathable and durable, but also water resistant so that in wet weather the legs remain dry.

In running shoes the insole is performedremovable and for more fitting, the feet have a slight thickening. Such insoles not only do not allow the shoe to hang on the foot, but also have a damping effect, reducing the load on the joints and spine. It is best to use antibacterial insoles that have special ventilation holes, which will allow the feet to breathe and help get rid of the unpleasant odor.

Sneakers for running need proper care. After each exit on the street they must be dried, taking out the insole and bending the tongue, and if necessary - to wash. You can also erase it in a typewriter, but it's best to do it manually, so as not to spoil your shoes and equipment. Drying sneakers is recommended at room temperature. You can use a special line for the care of the sneakers - talc, impregnation, deodorants. Sneakers made of genuine leather can not be washed.

Designers are constantly working onimproving sneakers, develop all new types of shock absorbers. One of the latest improvements was the introduction of differences between female and male sneakers, that is, targeting consumers of a certain age and sex. Running sneakers for men differ from women's not only decorative finishing, but they also have design differences.

Today sneakers, thanks to the German fashion designerKarl Lagerfeld, become a fashionable detail of the toilet and conquer the catwalks. Of course, such sneakers are not cheap at all. Many rock stars and TV stars like to flaunt them. But still the main purpose of running shoes is sports.

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