Fashionable sweatshirts for girls (trends of 2013)

Residents of the North of Russia, and just loverswarm and comfortable clothes, necessarily have in their wardrobe a fashionable sweatshirt. Hoodies and hoodies in 2013 are suitable for girls who prefer sports style or casual style. Today, this product is popular among young people not only because of practicality, but also in connection with the opportunity to create an original, vivid image, to stand out among peers. This warm item of the wardrobe is perfectly combined with jeans, jackets, sportswear. It can become an alternative to a classic sweater. The new season provided a large selection of warmed hoodies from tight jersey, which can be worn instead of a regular jacket.

Hoodies for girls with a hood

Let's see what sweatshirts for girls are relevant this year?


Hoodies are different: long and short, "in shape" and in the form of a hoodie, with a print, inserts or decor. In 2013, the trend of the season - elongated sweatshirts for girls, which can be worn as warm dresses. In such clothes warm and cozy even in the coldest days. Sometimes these outfits have original trim in the form of symmetrical pockets and a collar on laces.

Especially popular are sportshoodies for girls with a hood. Such warm hoodies have comfortable outer and inner pockets with zippers. In this wardrobe subject it is easy to create a stylish and original image even in the cool autumn. Warm hoodies with collar-struts, pockets and contrasting inserts of natural or artificial fur will please the most demanding fashionistas. Such clothes are decorated with a variety of multi-facade fittings: buttons, zippers, rivets.

Material and color

Hoodies for girls

An important condition for choosing a fashionable sweatshirt for girls in 2013 is the naturalness of the fabrics, which will not cause allergic reactions and will be comfortable.

In the new season, the shades of gray, blue andcoral. Actual funny appliqués and bright prints in the form of cartoons and famous heroes of anime. Colorful images of cute cats, original bears and beautiful flowers will not let you get lost in the crowd. And also - will cheer up! A beautiful applique will emphasize your personality, making the image unique.

With what to wear sweatshirts for girls?

Traditionally, hoodie is an element of sportswear. Recently, however, the shortened versions that are worn directly on the dress become actual, while they look great with boots on the wedge. Extended hoodies look good with leggings and tight pantyhose. By combining different fashionable shades, you can make your image very stylish and original. Identity is emphasized by bright ugg boots and a capacious bag.

Hoodies for women

So, today women's sweaters are popular andmen's, warm and light, long and short, with print, appliqué and all kinds of decor. In short, everything that is needed for those who appreciate fashion and comfort is in the trend. With cozy hoodies it's easy to create a modern stylish female image! You will certainly become the object of the most attentive attitude on the part of the strong half of humanity!

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