Sneakers on heels: a new fashion trend!

Sneakers, no doubt, this is the most comfortable shoes. That's just not for every occasion it suits. If for a walk or playing sports, yes, and if for a trip to a party or a disco, then most likely not. But the imagination of designers does not know the barriers, proof of this is the appearance of an interesting model, which immediately attracted attention. Meet sneakers in heels. I can not believe in this? I do not like? But the benefits of such an interesting shoe a lot.

What prompted the creation of

Sneakers in Heels
Interestingly, the idea of ​​creating sneakers onHeels did not come to the designers right away. More precisely, after the stripper Ciara just stuck to the usual sneakers transparent heels and went out into the light. Of course, there was no limit to the surprise. But it was her idea that pleased many designers, who immediately began to embody it in reality.

To say that such shoes enjoy an incrediblepopularity, it is impossible. There are many of its opponents who do not quite understand the combination in one pair of footwear of a sports style and more feminine, familiar to more than one generation. Nevertheless, sneakers on heels are worn not only by world stars, but also by simple women of fashion. First, with their help you become brighter, more visible and more unusual. Secondly, even the most boring image, supplemented by such a model, immediately becomes stylish.

Sneakers on heels - it's not just beautiful, but also very convenient. And if you want to learn how to walk on your heels, you should start with them.

Learn to walk on heels
In ordinary shoes, female feet can quicklyto get tired, swell in the evening. But in such sneakers about such inconveniences you can forget. And this despite the fact that after all the heel takes place. Yes, it is! But during walking it almost does not feel. The only, perhaps, negative of such sports-classic shoes is the inability to play sports. But it was not created for these purposes.

Chic, shine, beauty

Sneakers on heels today are presented insale in a wide variety of variations. Different models, colors, materials - all this makes such shoes even more accessible. Each fashionista can find something that will emphasize the beauty of her legs, will allocate from the gray crowd. So, very interesting look Nike sneakers on heels. That's where there is a women's romance!

With what to wear?

Nike Heels
It's one thing to buy sneakers on heels, choosingwhat most liked, and the other - to know with what to wear them. Best of all, this model of shoes will be combined with jeans, especially narrow ones. Also it can be worn with shorts, which will be the best option for walking around the city, meeting with friends. Many girls had time to pick up an interesting dress model for sneakers on the heels, so unusual, as the shoes themselves. Well, let's add some interesting youth styles of skirts of any length.

Sneakers on heels do not fit everyfashionista. This should be understood. First of all, such shoes are designed for young beauties, active, not afraid to experiment with their appearance. But even older women can pay attention to such shoes. Everything depends on the mood and personal attitude to fashion.

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