Shoes "Francesco Donnie" - quality and beauty

Shoes "Francesco Donnie" - brand fairlyknown to date. It differs in stylish design, high quality and relatively low price. The shoes "Francesco Donnie" for men and women are designed. A huge assortment allows the buyer to easily find for himself exactly what is needed.

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Shoes Francesco Donnie. Russian quality

Shoes "Francesco Donnie" appeared for the first time at the end2002. The company was able to spread incredibly quickly a considerable number of stores throughout Russia and the CIS countries. Popularity shoes "Francesco Donnie" immediately won just huge. This company contributed to the revival of shoe production in our country.

This brand does not look like others at all. It is presented in seven different collections. Factories on tailoring are located in Russia, Brazil, Portugal, Italy, Southeast Asia.

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So, men's and women's shoes "Francesco Donnie"affects its diversity. The first collection is in Bryansk. It is designed for maximum user convenience. At its manufacturing high-quality natural materials (fur and a skin) are used. Developed shoes specifically for the needs of the Russian people, under the climate of the country.

The second collection is also produced in Russia, in the city of Taldom. It is characteristic of its youth style and quality, designed for long-term wearing.

The next two Asian collections feature flexible materials, an original shape, a variety of colors. This footwear is very convenient, at the same time inexpensive.

The Italian collection "Ma Belle" is fullrefinement, charm and subtlety. In a word, shoes for real gourmets. There is also a collection created by the joint production of Italy and Spain. It combines the flawlessness of technology and the unsurpassed European design.

The Brazilian collection perfectly conveys a certain lightness, in general, fully reflects the spirit of this country.

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Chain of stores

Thus, a lot of fans canboast of "Francesco Donnie." Shoes Moscow and other major cities receive a wide range. To date, the network has more than two thousand stores and more than three thousand models. They are calculated for any season, event or mood. The collections are updated almost every month. Thus, the company takes care of its customers and maintains its image.

In a network of shops regularly operate every possiblediscounts, promotions, bonuses. For regular customers, even a special club is created, you can join to fill in the questionnaire. This opens up a lot of horizons for customers. Discount cards, gift certificates of different denominations - all this company is glad to offer its customers.

Customer Reviews

In general, there are many advantagescompany Francesco Donnie. Shoes reviews are extremely positive. Almost every buyer notes that these models are quality, stylish and inexpensive. A small difference is noticeable only depending on the country of origin.

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Familiar with this brand of buyers for more than one year. And if earlier the assortment included only simple and light casual shoes, today the company presents a huge variety of original interesting models.

In a word, this trade network monobrandstores offers the user excellent men's and women's shoes. Since the end of 2005, a trend towards restyling and rebranding has been outlined in the fashion segment of the market. The fact is that the tastes of buyers have changed significantly, and in the organization and style design of the store, new trends have emerged. Accordingly, in 2006, many new shops were opened.

The company is guided by the development of itssome basic provisions. It aspires to become the most popular Russian brand of footwear. The company tries to satisfy as much as possible tastes and requirements of a wide market segment. "Francesco Donnie" is distinguished by unique collections with a unique style. They are easily recognizable among the vast variety of modern shoe brands. Used in the production of high-quality materials, which allows you to serve it for a long time.

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