To whom are dresses with an open shoulder?

Representatives of the fair sex - this,perhaps, the most mysterious creatures in the universe. On what only tricks women went to get attention, position in society, love and respect! The most powerful female weapon is, undoubtedly, appearance. All the details of the wardrobe, all the nuances of makeup and facial expressions, are capable of confusing any man, regardless of age and status. Mysteriousness is the factor that should be present in any girl. Dresses with an open shoulder have become fashionable for a long time, but are still popular with women.

dress with an open shoulder

Initially, this design wasexclusively to the Greek style of clothing. The refinement of the dress with an open shoulder immediately catches the eye, attracting a lot of attention. In principle, it can be any length and cut, with this model elegance and easy audacity in any case will be preserved.

The dress with open shoulders looks longvery sexy. Despite the fact that most of the body is closed, one bare shoulder is enough. If both arms are bare, the dress makes its owner even more gentle and feminine. In this style, consistency, elegance, austerity and at the same time open sexuality, challenge are combined very successfully.

dress with an open shoulder photo
This model of dress more suited to the eveningexit. In fact, it can be any color, but the best ones are the classic options - black and white. At the creative approach it is possible to combine these colors both in a fabric, and in accessories and costume jewelery.

Dresses with an open shoulder are a kind ofclassic, this model is almost the most common among the options for evening dresses. But this outfit requires special shoes. It should not be large and visually heavy. Even if there is a heel, then it should be thin. It is best to combine the outfit with the studs. If the dress is long, it is completely acceptable shoes without a heel, with a minimum of ribbons and buckles.

dress with long shoulders

A similar dress can be bought, or you can sewyourself. A dress with an open shoulder, photos of which are likely to be in magazines, will need to be enlarged and printed, then make a pattern, purchase material and embark on sewing. Or the photo can be attributed to the atelier, where professionals will make an exact copy. In this matter the main thing is free time and desire, skills with time and practice will appear.

Dresses with an open shoulder should matchshape by size. In this case, they will look more organic. Harmony in the choice of clothing is very important, and the size, respectively, too. Any oversight can ruin the overall impression of the outfit. Therefore, it is worth making maximum efforts in choosing your wardrobe, in particular, dresses.

Given the original style, jewelry alsoit is worth choosing very carefully. The most open zone in the attire is the neck. Do not weight it with massive pendants. It will be enough for one small pebble on a thin chain. A stone can be chosen to match the color of the eyes or the shade of the dress.

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