Fashionable sneakers with high soles

Today at the peak of fashion, sneakers on high soles are semi-sport shoes on a wedge. Such models are very convenient and practical for everyday wear and are combined with a large number of styles of clothing.

The authorship of such a sports model as snickersbelongs to the company Nike, but now these shoes are produced by many companies. For its manufacture use both natural materials - leather and suede, and dense textiles and imitation leather.

sneakers on high soles

What is the snickers

This shoe model combines the detailssports sneakers and shoes. This mix fell in love with foreign stars, after which the fashion for snickers spread almost all over the world. What are called sneakers on a high soles, know all the inveterate fashionable women of the world. Although before they could hardly imagine half-sport shoes on a wedge, today such models have become ultra-trendy and stylish.

Snickers - great solution for girlslow growth, because to appear higher, now you do not need to wear high-heeled shoes. It is enough to wear sneakers on a wedge - and two problems will immediately be solved: the growth will visually increase, and the image will become fashionable.

The basic styles of clothes with which it is recommended to wear sneakers, can be different. Photos of sneakers on high soles show the stars, and the fans are skillfully imitating them.

as called sneakers on high soles

To create a trendy image in the ensemble with snikers, you need to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • An excellent tandem is obtained from a combination of sneakers and jeans. The image will perfectly complement the T-shirt with the actual drawing.
  • To jeans and snikers you can put on a sweatshirt with a fashionable print.
  • Sneakers on the wedge go well with the style casual, which many fashioners like.
  • Chic sneakers on high soles look withCotton pants beige shades or khaki. An excellent addition will be a checkered shirt. This image is not only fashionable, but also very comfortable.
  • Slippers can be combined with light dresses, for example, from chiffon. In cool weather, the image can be supplemented with a volumetric sweater in tone.
  • In cold weather, you can wear sneakers with a warm coat of drape or with a jacket.

Summer version of sneakers on the platform

Today, such shoes are firmly in the wardrobefashionable and worn even with skirts and dresses. This season in the trend of comfort, therefore, creating an image with sneakers on a wedge, you can put on both mini and maxi, various shorts and trousers. The combination of incongruous colors will be very fashionable in the new season. Especially popular are golden sneakers on high soles. Photos of popular styles publish famous fashion magazines.

 photo of sneakers on high soles

The original image will be if you wear shortshorts or a mini skirt and a bright jersey, but as a fashionable highlight they will snickers. For the summer season, they are made of textiles of different texture, so it will not be hot.

As a costume jewelry to the image with the snickersperfect fit beads of great length and wide bracelets, but you can do without any jewelry. There is only one restriction, with which you can not wear sneakers on a high sole, is a business suit.

Snickers for girls

For small girls, sneakers on a wedge toowill be an excellent option. They will be convenient for walking, school or garden. The leg in such shoes does not get tired, it is well fixed due to stickers or a wide elastic band. Such shoes will be the highlight of the image of a small fashionista.

"What are sneakers called on high soles?"This question can be asked only by those who are not in the trend." Fashion lovers love sneakers and they are successfully carried with their best clothes. "The image with skirts and sports dresses looks especially bright.

sneakers on the high soles of the photo

Snickers for the winter season

For the winter period, manufacturers offer models,which are made of special material. Such material absolutely does not pass moisture. The lining is usually made of natural materials, for example, sheepskin. This combination of materials protects the feet from the winter slush and keeps them warm.

Sneakers on high soles - not only fashionable,but also practical and comfortable shoes. Under such models, you can wear almost anything and look very stylish and fashionable. Especially such shoes will be appreciated by active girls who do not like to sit still. After spending the whole day in sneakers on the platform, the fashionista will not feel fatigue in her legs.

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