Sneakers Adidas Neo - great shoes for those who value comfort

Do you like sports classics? That means Adidas Neo sneakers are just what you need. This famous company again won world recognition by releasing these models. Of course, Adidas Neo sneakers are made from natural high-quality materials. They sit perfectly on their feet, they have a very convenient shoe and support the heel area. It looks bright and attractive.

Adidas Neo sneakers - variety

And now more. Sneakers Adidas Neo have the same shape. But the colors vary in their variety. The shoes look slightly rectangular. But most customers are satisfied with their parameters.

adidas neo sneakers

Of course, there is a small defect in the products. Sneakers are not stitched, but glued. Therefore, if you look meticulously, you can see traces of glue on them. However, this is not critical, since they are almost invisible.

Soft, comfortable, easy

Sneakers Adidas Neo - shoes are not only beautiful. It is also very comfortable. The top is made of textiles (mesh) with suede inserts and satin strips (company's logo). The sole is made of rubber. Soft, breathable, light sneakers are sure to please you. Legs in them just rest. In the sock they almost resemble home slippers. Well, the breathable top helps to keep feet from sweating.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that these sneakersgreater. Therefore, when buying, you can safely choose shoes smaller by one size. In principle, on the leg sit well and sneakers "size in size." They wear very practical. Reviews about yourself leave only good. The sole is not damaged even with an active lifestyle. In a word, everyone will be happy with this model.

For everyday wear

Adidas Neo Label - sneakers are very neat,narrow. On the leg look just great. They are designed for everyday wear. That is, they can be worn freely both in dry warm weather and in rain. By the way, their price is quite affordable - about three thousand rubles. Therefore, anyone can wish to afford this model. And pick up suitable sneakers is not difficult.

adidas neo label sneakers

A variety of colors will allow you to choose how brightmodel, and neutral, suitable for various elements of your wardrobe. The most popular option is white sneakers with silver stripes. High-quality material allows you to carry them for a very long time. Defects, judging by the reviews, can not be detected with a sock. Of course, if you wear shoes neatly. The skin is rather thin, therefore it is necessary to put on sneakers using a spoon, in order to avoid the appearance of creases on the fold line of the front part.

By the way, for everyday wear they are perfectare also suitable for their appearance. The narrow shoe looks good on the leg. Brilliant strips are added to the image of so-called freshness. In the spring, these sneakers will look particularly attractive.

Long-lasting shoes

By the way, Adidas Neo - sneakers for men andwomen's. Therefore, everyone can afford to enjoy the comfort and attractiveness of this shoe. They have been running shoes for a very long time. Even after several years of active socks in any weather, the skin does not cling, shoes do not get unstuck. In a word, it will have the same look as on the day of purchase. Sneakers are also very easy to wash. Only sometimes they should be wiped with a special sponge in order to give extra shine.

adidas neo sneakers for men

Once again I want to note their convenience in sock. Walking in them is fairly easy, because on the foot they are practically not felt. Important is also the fact that these sneakers do not get wet. And the final plus of this brand is its dimensional grid. Here you can select the average size. That is, for example, the 39th is big for you, and the 38th is small. At the same time you can purchase 38.5 size. In general, there are a lot of advantages. Having made such a purchase, you will not regret in any way.

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