A bright red coat. With what to wear?

Every woman dreams of being attractive. And to have a red coat in the wardrobe would, perhaps, any fashionista. This bright thing will necessarily create a unique image and allocate its owner from the gray crowd. But inevitably the question arises: "Red coat - with what to wear?" The choice of suitable footwear and accessories, of course, depends on the style. The most pleasant moment is that red fits almost any shade, that is, it can easily be combined with different sets.

red coat with what to wear

Which shoes to choose

If we talk about the choice of shoes, then classicoption will be ensemble with black leather boots or ankle boots. But for the sake of justice it should be noted that shoes can be diverse, the main thing is to combine everything correctly. For example, black suede boots and a short coat will make you irresistible.

With what to wear a red coat of A-line? You can pick up high-heeled shoes and an interesting dress, so you will create a romantic image. Models of cut kimono are worn with spacious clothes (for example, trousers) and shoes with a hairpin.

So what to choose under the red coat? With what to wear - with a platform or heel, boats or sneakers? When choosing one should take into account individual preferences in style and clothes in general. In addition, the length of things can also be important. For example, you can wear sneakers with jeans, but only under a short coat. But for a medium-length thing, the average height of a boot is more appropriate.

with what to wear a red coat

Set Selection

Short coat of youth style successfullycombined with tight jeans, and mini skirts, and with classic trousers. Do not forget that bright things attract attention, so feel comfortable in such things, do not be embarrassed by outsiders.

Should I choose a red coat for winter? With what to wear it? Of course, with fur! The outflow of red or black colors is excellent for the winter version. And the style of the coat can be anything: long and narrow or short and flared, it all depends on your preferences.

When composing the kit, do not forget that the colorthe coat is basic, the remaining accessories will only dilute it. Shawls, shawls, gloves and bags must complete the image, not dominate. Therefore, do not be zealous with green or yellow hues.

Always interesting and winning model with a hood,which will protect the head from the weather. But more brave and confident women can choose a leather coat. Red will give them confidence and for a long time will take hold of the attention of others.

leather coat red
A good harmony is created by sweaters and turtleneckspink and burgundy tones, as well as blue jeans. Color classics can be called a red-black-and-white combination in clothes. But experienced women of fashion mix even red and blue shades, creating very unusual sets and thus causing admiration and envy.

In fact, the red color is very diverse: scarlet, coral, salmon. But, despite this, it is not suitable for everyone. You need to be a brave and desperate fashionista to decide to buy a red coat. With what to wear it, the sense of style will tell. But remember that if you dare to buy such things, you will forever change your life. After all, bright clothes dictate their own rules of conduct.

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