The main fashion question - what to wear in the spring?

With the onset of heat, the question "What is fashionable to wear thisin the spring? "interests every woman. These are not empty questions, as the fashion changes every year. In this season, designers offer the female sex to show all their secret desires, become more open and make yourself exactly what you want to be.

To understand what to wear in the spring is very simple, because inThis season is in the lead is the kind of clothes that most women like. One of the most fashionable trends is jeans clothes. Particularly in demand will be overalls and corsets of denim. If you prefer jeans, then based on what to wear in the spring of 2011, choose jeans with an overstated waist and legged trousers. Even if you do not have one, just roll your pant leg - this is also one of the fashion squeals.

For fans of ethno styles and motives of hot countriesthis spring will be a real holiday. Motives with the image of animals are especially popular. The decorations in the ethno style should match the general style, and it should seem as if you made them yourself. In their choice it is necessary to adhere to color matching with the general ensemble and large sizes.

If you do not like bright colors and prefermonotonous things, then you will undoubtedly win this spring. Principles of monotony should be adhered to absolutely in everything, even in the choice of shoes. The most popular color in this season is white. It is best if all clothes and shoes are white, but if you want, you can add a bright scarf around your neck, belt or purse. If you still like more bright colors, you should not restrain yourself. It's best to just choose things of the same color, or choose a few colors and connect them to neutral. In this case, it is best to choose fresh and bright shades.

Fans of motorcycles and biker style for surewill appreciate the fashion trends of this season. The combination of coarse things and a feminine figure will emphasize sexuality and will set you apart from the crowd. In addition to traditional kosuhi, any leather things are popular - shorts, vests, skirts.

For fans of romance and spring lovethe question "What is fashionable to wear this spring?" will also remain unanswered. In fashion again, a mini. Especially it concerns dresses, which should be fairly short and light. Print is better to choose a geometric, child or space. It will be appropriate and prints-photos. Particularly successful will be the asymmetric cut of clothes and optical illusions.

If you still do not know what to wear in the spring, thenpay attention to men's things. They perfectly match with absolutely all styles and will be a successful addition to your wardrobe. They are suitable for women with any shape and give the impression that you are a top model, even if it is not so. The most advantageous item of men's clothing is a shirt that is worn with a short skirt and bright shoes.

Those who have already decided what to wearin the spring, it's time to move on to the choice of shoes. It is not easy to choose which shoes to wear in the spring. The undoubted leader of this season are the shoes-boats. They became owners of a more massive platform and can be of any color. Adornment with snakes, ribbons or something else, will be an undoubted plus. One of the most fashionable trends is the straps, wrapped around the ankle. They can be present both in shoes, and in shoes, and boots. The most popular colors of boots and ankle boots are white and red in all variations. Despite the popularity of ballet shoes, heels are also not inferior to their positions, but this season at the apex of popularity will be exactly steady heels of all possible shapes and lengths. Moderate use of open socks is also possible.

Whichever clothes and shoes you choose for yourself, the most important thing is to remain yourself and be confident in your own irresistibility.

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