Footwear on a wedge

A lot of women love high heels, but not allcan for a long time walk on them. A real panacea, in this case, can be called shoes on the wedge, which prevents excessive load on the ankle, and allows you to create very stylish and feminine images.

Footwear on a wedge
Such a sole is the middle betweenhigh graceful heel and rough platform. Footwear on a wedge has its own characteristics. So in the area of ​​the toe, the thickness of the sole is minimal (almost like that of ordinary shoes). In the area of ​​the heel, the thickness of the wedge increases significantly, creating a very comfortable, steady lift and a beautiful silhouette. Unlike shoes on the platform, which is very "coarsening" the leg, women's shoes on the wedge not only do not spoil the look of the leg, but also makes it very elegant. Even the feet of women who have a large foot size, in such shoes look much smaller.

Shoes on a wedge are much more stable than onheels, so the woman feels in her much more confident and relaxed. At the same time walking in it strains the muscles of the legs much less than on the "studs", which allows you to wear a wedge more often and for a longer time.

Women's shoes on a wedge
Fashion historians refer to the appearance of a wedge for 30years of the twentieth century. The development of society and its gradual feminization required the creation of products that would allow its owners to lead an active lifestyle, while retaining their femininity. But the real period of the heyday of the wedge is the unforgettable 70's, which gave the world many fashionable trends in different industries. At that time it was still believed that the wedge should not be too high, but the desire of the mods for something non-standard led to the appearance of shocking shoes at that time on a very high wedge.

Like everything invented by man, these shoeshas its advantages and disadvantages. The merits include: practicality, universality, non-standard. Such shoes do not bring discomfort and visually stretch the legs. The dresser emphasizes the elegance and beauty of the ankles.

Winter shoes on a wedge
Among its shortcomings can be noted: the impossibility of combining it with certain styles of clothing (tight dresses, suits and very short skirts), thin ankles in such shoes look excessively refined. It is not recommended to wear a high wedge every day, since it still creates a certain strain on the spine and feet of a woman.

Ideal for such shoes is the following clothing: flowing skirts, light dresses, wide trousers, denim clothing. Black shoes with black pantyhose can be worn almost under any dress.

Winter shoes on a wedge latelyhas gained immense popularity. This can be explained by the fact that it is made of high quality materials, elegantly looks on the leg and fits almost any outer clothing. Wearing such shoes in winter has its own significant drawbacks. It is ideal for snowless winter, but if there is snow on the street or there is ice on the sidewalks, such shoes become very dangerous. If a woman in such shoes slips and falls from the height of her wedge, this can lead to dislocations (at best) and fractures of the ankle or other bones.

In the shops are sold sandals, shoes,ankle boots, boots on a wedge, and more recently sports footwear with such sole began to meet more and more often. There are sneakers and sneakers on the wedge, although they are directly related to sport only by their appearance, since they are not intended for active physical exercises.

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