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Famous for the whole world brand of sportswear"Adidas" is associated with an icon consisting of three strips. And all thanks to its founder Adi Dassler, who came up with an icon for the company Adidas. It was he who came up with the idea to create shoes for athletes, which would stand out from the rest. As a basis, Adi took three strips, which after a while were improved. In a couple of years, he began to produce not only shoes, but also quality clothing.

A bit of history

In the 70's the firm "Adidas", whose badge alreadygained popularity, modified the primary logo. The stunning success of the sportswear of this company prompted the founders to diversify the familiar logo. This is how the trefoil appeared, based on three strips. All these events preceded the fact that the company "Adidas", whose icon - shamrock, gained great popularity and became the world brand of sportswear.

adidas sport

Why three different icons?

To date, the firm "Adidas" startedrelease, except clothes, sports accessories and attributes. Thanks to this, literally everyone knows what the badge "Adidas" looks like. Great popularity, high demand on the sales market, prompted the company to create three official logos.

adi sport
The thing is that at the moment "Adidas" has three lines of sportswear:

  • Original - clothes that were at the origins of the firm,fashion of the distant 1970. Sports jackets-olympians, T-shirts with sleeves on elastic bands, sports sneakers. The icon for this line was a shamrock with three horizontal stripes.
  • Performance - clothing for professionalathletes, as well as amateurs. The peculiarity of this line is the latest developments of materials and technologies. This is clothing that is created specifically for sports. For this line, the company Adidas chose the triangle icon with three strips.
  • Y-3 - clothes for mods and fashionable women of the so-called "luxury" class. Manufacturers themselves see this kind of clothes of the future. This line uses a circle icon in which there are three bars.
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