Sheepskin sheepskin: reviews. Homemade Warm Shoes

Chuns are shoes. In the dictionary of Dahl it is said that this concept means bast shoes, barefoots, wearable houses. And there is.

Description of shoes and things from sheepskin

In our time, this very stylish and warm shoesused as home slippers. They are sewn mainly from felt, fur, batting and leather. Sheepskin has two properties. One side of her is a skin that resembles a suede, the other side is a fur. The skin of the sheep practically does not get wet, protects from the wind. In this case, fur is considered one of the warmest. In addition, the wool has a very pleasant texture. This allows you to use all material when sewing. In every house you can find things from sheep's wool. This is the comfort and cosiness of your home. The use of sheepskin is quite wide. Bed linen, blankets, bedspreads, wool blankets are very practical. Most of the outer clothing is made from sheepskin.

sheepskin sluts

Sheepskins, fur coats from this fur do not lose theirrelevance. Popular now and shoes made of fur. Its appearance looks like felt boots and ugg boots, only shortened. Chuni from natural sheepskin are recognized as the warmest and most popular. It is believed that sheep retains body temperature. Therefore, those who think that it is too warm shoes, are mistaken. The sheepskin bulls underwent a special check. They are recommended to be worn at home. Comfort and benefit for the feet are provided.

This shoe is suitable for children

Baby sheepskins can be high,and low. For babies models are sewn by hand. Although some produce factory. Many mothers of small children buy sheepskin sluts for walking in a stroller in the cold season. Heat and comfort in windy weather will provide models with a fur lapel. They are suitable for both boys and girls. Colors are various. Modern shades are decorated with embroideries, appliqués, rhinestones, fur trim. Older children like to wear such shoes at home. Homemade shirts are mostly short, their sole is single-layered, withstands moisture. In the winter it will be warm in them, and in the summer it's not hot at all. Legs in the shoes do not sweat.

sheepskin from natural sheepskin

Currently, needleworkers sew slippers-chunksof sheepskin. Do it at home. As a basis, take an old sheepskin coat, a sheepskin quilted jacket. You do not need much material, just use the sleeve or collar of the product. The sole will come from old slates or slippers. There is nothing complicated in the tailoring. The simplest way is to stitch out. Stitched together with the child, wonderful home sheepskin sluts will be much more pleasant to be worn and to please you.

Shoes for men

Chunas for adults do not differ much from children's. The design and color palette will closely depend on the texture of the fabric. For men fit short leather or fur products with a lapel. The soles of such slippers are usually coarse and two-layered. The color scheme is aged in warm colors, light beige, brown suitable for home furnishings. Most men do not wear slippers, but they liked home original sheepskin flannel. Practicality, comfort and comfort played a role.

Chuny for girls

Female home chunks are almost the same asmen. Their difference is in the sole. For a female, these slippers can be sewn without soles. Colors usually use warm, emphasizing bright additions in the form of applique, embroidery.

Consumer opinion

Many people are skeptical about such shoes. But it is enough to read the testimonials or talk with people who wear chuni at home, you can make sure that there is nothing wrong with them. These shoes attract not only their appearance, but also convenience. Some just recommend wearing flannel. Since they still have healing properties. Sheepskin tunnels have the property of keeping the energy balance of your legs. Such shoes help people suffering from joint diseases. Thanks to sheep's wool, chunks help to remove fatigue, prevent muscle pain. These shoes are simply irreplaceable. Legs can breathe and do not sweat. People with allergies are advised to wear shoes, clothes made of sheep's wool. Since it is hypoallergenic. It also helps to remove the unpleasant odor.

baby sheepskins

It is considered important that the chunks from naturalSheepskin offer at affordable prices. Some believe that the price of home shoes is slightly overstated. But, having tried in the everyday life of this thing, definitely will not regret such an acquisition.

How to choose?

A wide range of products allows you to chooseliked the model individually for everyone. But in choosing you need to consider some points. Things made of natural fur have the property of sitting down, and the fur takes away the volume. You should buy chuni for one size more.

slippers of sheepskin

In the process of wearing them they will acquire the shape of a foot andwill be so comfortable that you do not want to part with them. By the way, you can sleep in such shoes. These slippers can be purchased in different sizes. From the smallest to the largest. In such shoes you can safely be on the street. A strong, thick sole will keep you warm on cold days.

What is the difference between the chunks of fur and ordinary sneakers?

For sewing room slippers are usedsynthetic materials. The cocks are made only of wool. The sole is also characterized by the texture of the fabric. For home shoes use a rubberized base. In the manufacture of footwear made of fur, pressed leather or dense fabric is taken.

home sheepskin sluts

This is a great advantage. The absence of slip is an important argument. Short or long chunks allow you to keep warm. Slippers only partially fulfill this function. Since often the models are all short, with an open heel or toe. There are a lot of differences.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of such shoes are its practicality, warmth,lack of internal seams that will not rub your feet, its softness. Special care is not required for the chunks. Shoes can be washed in a normal car. There are practically no minuses. The disadvantage is the lack of sole and instep. But after all, home shoes do not provide these requirements.


Such shoes were liked by both adults andchildren. It is practical, wearable, warm and very comfortable, useful to your feet, better than ordinary slippers. Chuns are available and useful to everyone. Buy, and you will not regret.

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