With what to wear a blue pencil skirt. With what to wear a blue skirt in the floor

Often women buy wardrobe itemsthe most incredible colors, and then they can ask for a long time, for example, "with what to wear a blue skirt." In some cases, the girl simply throws out the thing, and sometimes it can create such an absurd combination that it becomes ridiculous.

With what to wear a blue pencil skirt? And the sun skirt? It is necessary to think about this right now. Why? Because bright colors for the second year are at the peak of fashion. In this season, colored things can not be avoided. The conclusion is obvious: in order for beautiful clothes not to accumulate in your closet, we suggest immediately to know what to wear with a blue skirt at the height of summer!

Pencil skirt: what to wear?

The skirt of this style is a classic elementbusiness suit. Best of all, this thing will be combined with a jacket and a blouse shirt. Today it is worn with clothes of other styles. With what to wear a blue pencil skirt?

with what to wear a blue skirt

White blouse with a small neckline in a large blackpeas are perfectly combined with a skirt of a muted dark blue color. On top you can put on a black cardigan with a three-quarter sleeve. Accessories: a black bag with gold trim, gold bracelets, black shoes with a gold toe and ornaments of blue-purple beads.

Blouse of white color, with black insertson the shelf, cuffs and breast pockets, will create a successful ensemble with a skirt above the knee of a bright blue hue and bracelets from large links. This image is based on a combination of blue, white and black.

If you need to create a cheerfulset for a summer walk, then you should make a choice in favor of bright yellow and blue shades. It can be assembled from a short blouse with a short sleeve, an open-toed toe, a clutch of unusual shape, earrings hanging down to the shoulders, and a blue skirt above the knee.

Clutch of turquoise color, black and white sandals onhigh-heeled, wide metal rings, the original neck-shaped ornaments in the form of hoops will be excellent accessories for the image consisting of a skirt with a cut from the front and an overstated waist and a white blouse with short sleeves and a small neckline.

Scattered blue skirt

A shredded short skirt is considered an option for clothes for the summer season. But it can also be worn in the winter, if you complement the image with boots or warm tight pantyhose.

A laconic image will create a skirt and a gray jacket made of cut fur with a short sleeve. Finish his bag of blue with golden trim and black boots of suede.

With what to wear a blue skirt? A gray knitted tunic will successfully create a pair of this garment. On top you can put on a leather jacket. Accessories can serve as a black clutch and the same color necklace in the style of vintage, blue shoes on the hairpin and tight black pantyhose.

A short cobalt skirt with a complexcover, successfully combined with a white blouse in a black stripe shirt cut with sleeves to the elbow. Mirror-blue glasses and white-gray clutch on the chain will revive the image.

with what to wear a blue pencil skirt

A successful combination is a black turtleneck, patent shoes and a bright blue skirt. To complement the image follows a massive clock, twisted bracelets and a large golden chain.

Blue skirt sun: what to wear?

This item of your wardrobe is better combined withClassic (by no means sporty) gentle top with or without straps, light translucent blouse, tight-fitting turtleneck (sleeve either long or three quarters) or a shirt that fits tightly around the figure to the waist.

Dark blue skirt: what to wear?

Pleated skirt of medium length todayis a universal element of clothing. A successful ensemble with her will make a translucent blouse in white polka dots with sandals of rust color on a high platform.

dark blue skirt with what to wear

No less successful is the combination of a white blouseshirt cut with a navy blue skirt, a golden bracelet, shoes with a black hairpin and a clutch with a "cheetah" coloring. A skirt of blue coloring will complement the top in a fine floral pattern on thin straps. And also a thin belt of brown color, patent shoes of bright red color on high heels and a bag on a long strap. In addition, a good combination will be a dark blue skirt, a shirt in a thin blue-and-white strip, a wide brown belt and taffy shoes.

Midi blue skirt

The ultramarine skirt will create a successful combination witha black shirt with a cutout boat and a long sleeve. To complement the image will be black shoes with a stud, a belt of the same color with a round golden buckle. The highlight of the outfit will be a black clutch, which has a bright ethnic pattern.

blue sun skirt with what to wear

A white blouse with a sleeve in three-quarters and a bow will complement the skirt of "blue dust". The ensemble will harmoniously complement the massive gold watch, the clap of the cheetah coloring and the golden sandals on the hairpin.

Black blouse in a thin white stripe with deflatedShoulders and sleeves to the elbow will create a successful ensemble with a bright blue skirt. Finish the image of a large clock and brown shades, black shoes on the hairpin, as well as a clap of cheetah colors.

The skirt of muted blue flowers will be successfulCombine with a black blouse with a three-quarter sleeve and a small semicircular neckline. Black sandals with high heels complement the strict image, as well as the watch on the black strap.

Maxi skirt

If you have a long blue skirt, what to wear it with? The answer to the question depends on the material and style of this garment.

Noodle-turtleneck without a collar, which has a muted dark blue tint, will complement the bright blue skirt with a white-red medium-sized print.

A successful ensemble will create a dark blue top American, a gorgeous lush skirt that has a "royal blue" tint. And also black and indigo shoes with high heels.

With what to wear a blue skirt on the floor? Chiffon skirt of ultramarine color will find its pair in the face of a black topic with an American armhole. Belt-cord of black color will successfully emphasize the waist of the fashionable woman, and tan is beautifully shaded with golden rings and bracelets. Shoes - black sandals.

long blue skirt with what to wear

The azure skirt pleated will create a successful contrast with a short blouse in a wide black and white strip. A white bag on a long strap and the same shade of sandals on the hairpin will complete the ensemble.

Mini skirt blue

Successfully combine a narrowa mini skirt of "royal blue" and a turquoise shirt with a deep neckline and a thin brown strap. On top of the T-shirt you can put on a cardigan in a white-gray-black strip. The image will be complemented by a bright plastic bracelet, silvery watches and brown glasses in a round frame.

 with what to wear a blue skirt in the floor

With what to wear a blue skirt yet? Black clutch, gray T-shirt with a print in the form of a tiger and flared skirt mini will create a bright memorable ensemble.

You can create a vivid image, using a black sleeveless blouse that has metal decorations on the collar, and an ultra-maroon flared skirt mini.

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