What to wear jeans jackets: fashion trends

The concept of "jeans" has firmly entered our life. At the end of the XIX century, special clothes for workers from dense fabric were created. Now we have a lot of things from this durable and beautiful material: jeans trousers, skirts, dresses, jackets, vests, jackets.

Rules for choosing jackets

with what to wear denim jackets
Now jeans jackets again acquired the oldpopularity. A variety of styles and colors make it possible to wear them with almost any clothing. And nevertheless, there are some fashion trends. With what to wear jeans jackets is preferable?

Choosing your top jeans clothes is not an easy task, because the growth and shape of the figure are of great importance when choosing.

  • For short women, jeans jackets are suitable for short, since visually they will stretch out the figure, extending their legs.
  • Girls with a tight physique can choose fitted jackets or jackets, up to the middle of the thigh, but avoid long styles.
  • Girls with high growth fit models with flared sleeves and fitted.
  • Owners of magnificent forms are recommended to select their models fitted for themselves, which have a V-cut, and the size exactly coincide with the current one, no more.

Fashion trends

Having learned about how to choose a model for your figure, we will consider what to wear jeans jackets in this season.

  1. Now there is a tendency to contrasts in clothes, for example, models with rivets can be dressed as with an evening gown, or with a short skirt or leggings of shiny fabric.
    fashionable denim jackets
  2. Jeans jacket is combined with a light dressshort length. A fitted jacket can be worn with narrow fashion trousers. If a woman loves the style of "sailor", then you can pick up a handbag or a dress in a white and blue stripes.
  3. Girls with a fine beautiful waist can pick upimagine a variety of short fashionable denim jackets that fit into spacious trousers. Very harmoniously fit in short under the breast jackets fluttering from the waist of the dress, belted with a beautiful strap. Attention: this outfit is not recommended for girls with a wide waist, otherwise the figure "will expand" visually. Short jackets can be not only the usual blue or blue colors, but also bright colors.
  4. Very fashionable now vests of jeans, which are worn with leggings, jeans, skirts, spacious sarafans.
  5. Designers in this season offer different jackets with a creative and spectacular decor, such as embroideries, patterns or leather inserts.
  6. Another new direction is a jeans jacket that resembles a jacket. A fitted jacket will be especially liked by ladies who like to emphasize the waist, and make the whole image elegant and refined.

Simplicity in solution

denim jackets short

Many people are interested in what to wear jeans jacketssimple and unpretentious, without superfluous navorotov? They are perfectly combined with colorful dresses above the knees and high-heeled shoes. This outfit can be divided into two versions: classical and youth. The difference in the choice of colors and accessories.


Now you are convinced that the top jeans clothesis practical and universal, and the question of what to wear jeans jackets, does not present any more complexity for you. Then go ahead, more likely to shop at stores!

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