How to make stylish denim shorts with your own hands

Surely you have old jeans that you have not worn for a long time. There's no point in keeping them in the closet. You can take a chance and try to make denim shorts with your own hands.

denim shorts with your own hands
Before forever saying goodbye to trousers,Think carefully and take a good look at them. It makes sense to make shorts only from jeans with a low waist. If the waist is normal or high in trousers, shorts should not be done, they will not look normal. Also, do not experiment with wide trousers, in which the flare starts from the hip.

When a suitable model of trousers is found, do not rushto take scissors over them. Look at the Internet and see what jeans shorts are like. With your hands, you can make a thing that will look good only if you clearly imagine what shorts you need: short or long, neat or torn, with or without fringe.

This summer in fashion short denim shorts. They can be untreated from below or with a gate.

If you have decided on what shorts you want to see on yourself, risk dirty your old jeans.

In order to make denim shorts with your own hands, you will need a measuring tape, chalk, scissors and ruler.

Put on your jeans, take the tape and go toto the mirror. Before you take measurements and cut something, imagine what your shorts will look like without a belt. Many of them are cut off in order to get a lower landing on the hips and to bare the navel. You can remove the belt if the jeans are not on the snake, but on the buttons. Shorts without a belt look non-standard, but they can have problems if you suddenly get better or lose weight. Immediately need to consider that such clothing does not provide a belt.

with what to wear denim shorts
Now from the form let's move on to the content. We remove pants, again we come to the mirror and estimate how long the jeans shorts will be. Then we measure the length. The tape is applied to the landing line on the lateral part of the thigh. In this case it is desirable to make a small margin. This is necessary in order to hedge in case the hand with scissors quivers and the cut line turns out to be uneven.

Given that you do not often make denim shortswith your own hands, before you cut your trousers, you should practice on the bottom of your trousers. Put the trousers on the table, draw along them a longitudinal line of crayons and try to cut. If the scissors are sharp and you cut it smoothly, then you can proceed to the main part. To do this, put a tape on the trousers from the waist and make short transverse marks along the length of each leg. After that, attach a ruler and draw a chalk line.

Cut jeans better on a flat surface. The lower part of the scissors should rest against the table. Considering that the seam is cut at once, do not press hard, because the scissors can come off. Movements should be smooth, and pressure uniform. Cut each leg separately.

short denim shorts

So, the most crucial stage is behind us. Now you can put on shorts and go back to the mirror. Carefully look at what happened, and try to figure out what to wear denim shorts. If it's a short-fitting T-shirt or top, then shorts from the bottom are best not to turn, but make a fringe. For this, the material is untangled with scissors.

If you want the shorts to look stylish, you canto imitate shading. For this, cuts are made with a blade, then these places can be rubbed with pumice stone. In summer, short jeans shorts decorated with thorns, rhinestones and lace are also relevant. Stylish look lace, hemmed under ripped holes or cuts.

If you can create non-standard denim shorts that emphasize individuality, then in the summer you are just doomed to success.

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