Stylish adidas shorts - simple and convenient

Adidas is the largest sports company. The history of this company began thanks to two brothers Rudolph and Adolf Dassler. They had a shoe factory in which they were engaged in sewing various types of shoes. The first pair of shoes were produced for athletes-runners. Dassler in 1925 created shoes with spikes, which then did not exist, and later he patented them. A huge success came to the Dassler brothers in 1928, when several athletes competed in the company's footwear at the olympiad. But in 1948 they quarreled and formed two different companies: Rudolph company - Puma, and Adolf - Adidas. After a while, the company Adolph began to produce shoes, clothes and other accessories. Adidas becomes a symbol of style, practicality, convenience. During the Olympiad in 1996, athletes who performed in shoes and clothes Adidas were able to win 220 medals, 70 of them - gold. And after that, Adidas is the general sponsor, it is among the three companies that produce the world's best sports shoes and clothes. Brand Adidas is a synonym for reliability, beauty, success. Practically in any city there are shops which sell sports clothes Adidas in a wide assortment. Every year the company produces a huge number of various sports products: sneakers, boots, sneakers, T-shirts, shorts, gloves, bags, soccer balls, swimsuits, sunglasses, tracksuits and more. The popularity of Adidas brand products is that all the clothes are quality, comfortable, and have an original design. Also, Adidas is engaged in the production of popular perfumes. Original fresh fragrances of perfume can inspire the desire to achieve success in life, to give life energy. The Adidas brand is found in many countries: China, Germany, Indonesia, Thailand. This company is called the most reliable and expensive in the world. Her style is a vtachnoy pocket with an embroidered logo on the right leg and an insert with three strips - on the left.

In our country the firm Adidas is one of the mostknown. If a woman buys her pants that tightly fit her or adidas shorts, she can be sure that during sports activities her movements will be free and easy, and in pockets you can always put different things, for example, a handkerchief. Women's beautiful pink adidas shorts with stripes will surely draw attention to the woman who put them on, bright color. And if you still wear a T-shirt of the same color as the stripes, it will look stylish. Stylish adidas shorts may not necessarily be short. Now fashionable shorts in the form of a "balloon" with ribbons-ties and a comfortable crochet that is inserted into the belt. In summer, beach shorts adidas with top are especially popular. Finishing is very important for all kinds of clothes. It gives them style and completeness. Adidas shorts can be trimmed with stitch, buttons, hats, vtachnye or patch pockets, elastic belts, decorated with lightning. Adidas shorts and sneakers adidas, sneakers, sneakers and shirts, T-shirts - will be out of competition. Branded tennis shorts are well worn under a dress or skirt.

Undoubtedly, the main features of the brand "Adidas"- Three parallel stripes on sleeves, on shoulders, on shorts, leggings. Not so long ago, the Germans began to create and sell T-shirts with short stripes and only on the shoulders. The first to try on the T-shirts of this style was the Russian team, and so they wear elite clubs: "Chelsea", "Bavaria". In 2006, on 11 April, the National Basketball Association and Adidas signed an agreement on cooperation for 11 years.

To be sure that you are buying the brandAdidas, it's better to go to a special brand store or a sports boutique, because recently only the laziest does not forge all the famous brands.

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