Stylish dress: fashion trends

Stylish dress - an indispensable element of the wardrobeevery woman. Thanks to this dress, you can advantageously emphasize your dignity and in any situation feel beautiful, feminine and most importantly - self-confident. A beautiful and practical dress can be seen in the fashion collections of any season. Cleverly combining your favorite dress with fashion accessories, you can easily get a variety of options for an evening out or for walking with friends.

Recently, designers are increasingly turning toto bright prints and floral drawings. A modern stylish dress is an embodiment of sexuality and an emphatically feminine image. Flower motifs, which are so popular in recent times, can be placed all over the dress or adorn themselves with a separate element of it, for example, a bodice or a hem. Actually, the so-called "bestial" print, which designers decorate not only dresses, but also all kinds of accessories, is also actual.

stylish dress

Modern stylish dress can be executedBoth from heavy fabrics, and from air, easy material. This year's outfits are generously decorated with guipure and delicate lace, and this often refers to evening dresses, perfectly suited both for social occasions, and for parties in the company of friends.

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Dresses designed for the cold season,are made of luxurious velvet and classic jacquard. Casual models are mostly made of knitwear, wool and tweed. In recent collections, there has been a trend of fashion designers to create dresses from several materials, advantageously shading each other: leather and natural fur, denim with knitted inserts.

A very wide palette of shades, in whichdresses from the latest fashion collections. To choose today really is from what: turquoise, pink, milky, mustard, coral, white and, of course, classic black color.

As for the styles, the stylish dresses, photowhich can be seen on the pages of fashion magazines, very much like the popular models of the last century, but they also have serious differences. For example, the style of the sixties, when the dresses were flared from the waist of the skirt, short sleeves and almost all models lacked a collar, is very relevant. Fashion 80's also draws the attention of designers - tight silhouette and broad shoulders again at the peak of popularity. Very often on fashion shows you can see dresses made in the original ethnic style.

stylish evening dresses

Stylish evening dresses made of lace this yearbeyond competition. In this case, lace in a dress can be combined with knitwear, wool or fur. Long dresses made of lace can turn any woman into a real queen.

Velvet, which was for a time forgotten and disappearedfrom fashion shows, returns again. In a velvet dress, you can look truly bohemian, but stylists do not advise you to wear velvet cloths, because wearing such dresses is appropriate for secular evenings or for theater, for everyday wear it is better to prefer knitwear, wool or tweed models. Cleverly selected stylish dress should be not only qualitatively sewn, it should ideally sit on a figure. Only in this case, a woman can feel at the height.

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