What is longsliv? This is a fashionable long sleeve T-shirt!

Fashion is multifaceted and diverse. However, among the models there are always the most favorite, universal and at the same time stylish and practical things. A striking example, of course, is linglish. It's just a long-sleeved T-shirt. For sure, there will be a place in every wardrobe.

linglish it

Practicality and style

Longsleeve is quite a universal thing,which can be used as a home and casual wear. Fans of casual style adore such things. Among the variety of models you can choose a youth or a strict option.

Longslives can replace an ordinary T-shirt ina cool day, they can also be safely used as underwear. Going out for a walk or to the nearest store, a woman wearing such an outfit can feel not just comfortable, but also look stylish. In an office shirt with a long sleeve in a strict classical style, wearing a jacket, it is quite appropriate.

лонгслив photo

You can put on a vest or jacket, and in thiskind of go for a walk. Fans of military style do not mind singing in an elongated T-shirt of free cut, especially since it is so harmoniously combined with clothes from their wardrobe.

With what to wear?

With what else is the great popularitythis outfit? Longsleeve (photos of various models are presented here) is distinguished by excellent compatibility with other clothes. Ideally, a long sleeve T-shirt should be worn with jeans. However, today, linglish can be worn as with trousers, breeches or shorts, and with skirts or suits. The only thing to consider is the style and color of the T-shirt.

Sports lingslives with a sleeve of raglan, -An indispensable thing for fitness or jogging. Convenience lies in a special cut. This was adopted by designers of children's clothing. This cut is often used when sewing out clothes for children.

sports lingslives

Color Solutions

Longsleeve is a thing that can be monophonic or have a pattern. Also the models differ in sleeve length, which can be up to a brush or three-quarters.

Monochrome models are universal, they are popular asin men and in women. For example, white-fitting T-shirts, made of light fabric, look good on a lady of absolutely any age, perfectly combined with skirts and trousers and complement each style. Yes, and men will look good in a similar outfit.

What are the pictures most often decorated with linglish? It can be a variety of prints. Very recently, T-shirts with tattoos on sleeves were very popular, today they are slightly pressed and other options that can be absolutely any.

Sports models are usually decorated with various inscriptions or stripes. Also, fashion designers can play in contrast: the base and sleeves of the T-shirt will vary significantly in color.

For everyday wear suitable bright lingslivy,decorated with a variety of prints. It can be flowers, portraits of celebrities, animalistic and geometric drawings. That is, everyone can choose a shirt with a long sleeve.

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