Women's coat on sintepone - the trend of this season

Recently, a women's coat on sintepon has become increasingly popular. This is not surprising.

What is sintepon?

women's coat on sintepone
Non-woven fabric with excellentheat-retaining properties. It is very light, hypoallergenic and does not need special care. The material is durable, resistant to deformation, it does not crumple. Synthepone can be of different thickness, so you can choose a model for severe frosts and for the spring-autumn season. It is a product of processing of polyester raw materials, it is absolutely safe for human health.

Synthepone has several varieties:

- sintepon on a silicone basis;

- woolstrap;

- Synthesis.

On the silicone-based insulation has some advantages over the standard. Clothing with its application is more voluminous, easily restored after crushing.

Sherstepon consists of 80 percent of sheep's wool and twenty percent of synthetic fiber. It does not slide down, it is quite practical.

Synthepuh is a 100% synthetic filler,obtained by combing the fiber. It is much warmer than natural fluff. Quilted women's coat on sintepone - a universal model that perfectly matches with any style of clothing. In addition, it is easy to take care of.

women's coat on sintepon winter

Female coat on sintepone: choose a model by season

Undoubtedly, many customers in the firstturn attracts in these products ease. However, when choosing a model, you must take into account the season when you will wear it. For spring, models with a sintepon on a silicone base are more suitable. It is less voluminous. Therefore today, very popular models from plashevki on sintepone. They do not get wet and do not pass a cold wind.

Women's coat on sintepone: winter

I would like to dwell on these models. By definition, this coat should keep the heat well. Therefore, the model should be chosen based on the insulation density. It should be at least 300 g / m. Today it is the most popular type of winter outerwear. It is important that women's coats on sintepone you can wash yourself at home. It dries quickly, does not lose form.

Female coat on sintepone: a lineup

quilted women's coat in sintepone
In the distant past there were formless "blown"coats and jackets. Designers have tried to improve the warm and light models. Today, these are feminine and original things. The range of such products is so wide that every woman, regardless of age and complexion, will be able to choose a model for herself. If earlier "blown" coats were preferred to be worn by very young girls, nowadays women's coats on sintepone are more readily acquired by older women.

Today, a synthetic sintepon coat with natural or artificial fur is very popular. And fur is used not only on the collar, cuffs or hood. In the fashion model with fur sleeves.

Original coats

Today you can buy models with exquisiteopenwork ornaments, interesting buttons, fur inserts. Original models in which colors are combined. In addition, a pronounced zigzag line is of great importance. In order to emphasize the beauty of the female figure, the designers propose to emphasize the waist with a wide belt with a beautiful buckle. Still shortened versions of the coat are popular.

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