Fashionable wardrobe: with what to wear sneakers

At first, it seemed strange to everyone, how cansneakers "put" on such an antisportive heel - a wedge. Probably, no one expected that the result would be a very fashionable, stylish and sexy thing called "sneakers". Which magazine, whose instructions you will not take - everywhere there are certainly bows with this mega-popular footwear. Although "shoes" sounds too mundane for snickers: for a relatively short time of their existence, they have already become "cult."

with what to wear sneakers
Therefore, the question of what to wear sneakers is quite natural and arises in girls who are going to buy themselves such a trendy novelty.

With what to wear sneakers: sport or classics?

Why does this question arise? After all, this does not happen when, for example, it is a question of stilettos or a "normal" wedge - all for a long time it is clear and clear, "what they eat". But with this footwear everything seems not so simple: after all, whatever one may say, Sneakers can not be classed as a classic or a sport, because these are not sneakers, and not ankle boots in their pure form. It is a hybrid, and such a "mixture" always causes a lot of doubts and uncertainties, including the question of what to wear the snickers. Stylists and fashion advisers in one voice say that they are almost universal. That is, they can be combined with almost all known trends, except for the ultra-style style or chamber evening.

sneakers shoes with what to wear
As it often happens, the answer to the question of what to wear with snickers can be obtained from the bows of street fashion. They most accurately reflect the fashion trends.

Sneakers Sneakers: what to wear

So, how do the snickers of the legislator wearstreet fashion? In many respects it depends on the pores of the year, on the style of shoes, on the time of day, mood, in the end. But there are general trends that clearly predominate. Basically, snickers are combined with a more glamorous sport style, choosing leggings, leggings, shorts and a variety of jeans. If the "top" skirt, it is also, more often than not, obviously sports style and short length.

sneakers with sneakers
By the way, with snikersami they wear such clothes -Closely fitting, short and clearly emphasizing the legs. After snickers, thanks to the presence of a wedge, visually slender and extend this part of the body. In addition, snikers are mixed with dresses, trousers, breeches. As for invoices, if we talk about the autumn, springtime (or summer), then it can be silk, cotton, leather, knitwear, jeans, knitted and woolen fabrics.

Sneakers-shoes: what to wear in winter and spring

Snickers are so popular that you can"do not leave" all year round. It is enough to buy 2-3 diverse pairs to wear them in winter and in spring. "Winter" snickers have a warmed inner layer, so they can be worn even in frost. The only point is their short length. That is, everything above will freeze. That it was not cold, it is necessary to think over the top part of clothes. Snickers in winter wear with leggings and leggings, skirts and shorts from the appropriate material. As for the upper part of the wardrobe, most often they are wearing jackets, down jackets, sheepskin coats "classics" and "sports". There are also such women of fashion who can freely combine a mink fur coat with these sneakers. In spring, autumn, summer, when it's warm, the question is solved much easier: it's shorts, skirts, jeans (both narrow and boyfriends, again tights, etc.). In any case, clear lines that separate styles have long been blurred, so you can wear sneakers with what they look spectacular, bright and definitely stylish.

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