T-shirt with long sleeves - fashionable clothes for everyone

Today in fashion, long sleeve T-shirts. They are also called longslivami (long - sleeve, sleeve), sweatshirts and sweatshirts.

T-shirt with long sleeves
T-shirt with a long sleeve is universal, simple and well combined with other things. Such clothes from synthetics or jersey can be worn with costumes, jeans, skirts and simple trousers.

Fashionable women's T-shirt with long sleeves stands out with a fitted silhouette and in cool weather perfectly replaces the top or usual T-shirt.

Monochrome female models are great for any age.

Exceptionally youth style - a T-shirt, on which there are inscriptions. This bright clothing can combine several colors, intertwined in a fancy ornament.

In the design collections often appear specimens decorated with bright inscriptions and rhinestones.

A long sleeve T-shirt can have a round or V-neck on the chest. In some models, the throat is covered with collars of various shapes.

Fashionable T-shirts are often decorated with inserts and pockets, appliques and embroidery.

Men's T-shirts with long sleeves have morerestrained cut. Uniform black and gray models are often worn under the jacket by people of mature age and older. Classics can also be called T-shirts with a pattern in the form of longitudinal strips, which hide the completeness.

Slender men of all ages are popular variants with long sleeves of white or black color, on which there are contrasting inscriptions or drawings.

A separate trend in fashion were Gothic youth shirts with long sleeves. These things are decorated with detailed drawings of vampires, skulls, angels and cats.

men's long sleeve T-shirt

Now how to not make a mistake and buyquality T-shirt with long sleeves. In the fabric, a high content of cotton is desirable. The percentage of cotton with other materials is usually indicated on the label sewn on the inside of the T-shirt. Cotton allows the skin to breathe and absorbs moisture well, therefore it is considered the most hygienic fiber.

T-shirts with long sleeves

Along with cotton, a long sleeve T-shirt may contain elastane. It should not be more than 5%. T-shirt with this material stretches well, but retains its shape.

Before you buy a fashionable T-shirt with a long sleeve, it is advisable to turn the product inside out and check the seams. They should be neat, without nodules and protruding threads.

T-shirts with drawings it is desirable to buy only instore. There you can complete the purchase and get a guarantee that the print will not be erased after a few washings. A quality fashionable T-shirt with a long sleeve has a pattern applied at a high temperature.

The product purchased in the market can be very beautiful and inexpensive, but have drawings made with the use of cheap and hazardous dyes.

Good signs of a quality model areThe composition of the fabric and the manufacturer's recommendations for the care of the product. In the description of the fabric should be indicated not less than 95% of cotton and not more than 5% of elastane. This t-shirt is recommended to be washed at a temperature of 30-40 degrees. Branded T-shirts are squeezed in the washing machines at low speed and stroked at a temperature not higher than one hundred and fifty degrees.

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