Reima - shoes that do not need advertising

Today, one of the most popular brands on the marketthe world shoe market is Reima, this brand shoes are designed for harsh winters. These shoes will perfectly protect children's legs from cold and moisture throughout the winter period. All models of footwear of this brand are equipped with light reflectors to ensure the safety of children on the road in the dark.

A short digression into the history

The legendary company Reima appeared on the worldarena in 1944. Originally the company produced working clothes in Finland. The raw material for the production of goods were camouflage suits of white color, which remained in the Finnish army. After just one year, the company reoriented its production to the production of casual wear. After a while the factory began to produce sportswear and jackets for both adults and children.

The slogan of the company was the unhindered stay of children in the open air in all weather conditions.

reima shoes

Assortment of children's winter footwear company Reima

Winter boots made on technology Tec, -this is quite strong shoes with rubber sole and reflectors. Thanks to the material of the sole, adhesion to any surface even in frosty conditions is ideal. Thanks to the rubber soles and high-quality protectors, the leg does not slip over the ice. Technology Reima Tec, regardless of the material of the top of the boots, provides excellent water resistance. The insole in boots is easily removed and perfectly lends itself to washing. The protection of the feet in this shoe is the main rule of the company Reima, the shoes of which fully correspond to it.

Shoes with Tec technology are performed inleather and textile options. Thanks to water resistance, the leg will always be warm. The lining is made of woolen materials. Available models are both velcro and lacing. Excellent protectors and light reflectors will prevent injuries and make walks in winter more safe for the child.

Snowshoes are also quite comfortable anda common model of brand boots. The sole is a cast galoshes made of thermoplastic rubber. The width is adjusted by means of a lock. The interior has felt inserts or fleece insulation, which are perfectly amenable to washing.

Valenki of this brand is considered to be very warm, thanks to natural wool. This model also has a rubber non-slip sole. The boots are equipped with light reflectors and have a detachable footbed.

boots, demi-season

Benefits of shoes

The Reima brand, whose shoes and boots are recognizedfavorites among shoes, is popular with parents who want to protect children from severe frosts and icy conditions. Durability and a perfect sock will provide high-quality materials. Reima's range of shoes is striking in its width. Therefore, you can easily find shoes for children with 19 sizes, and for teens who have a foot of 41 sizes. A comfortable shoe contributes to the correct formation of the foot.

Thanks to the quality of products, its lightness andwarmth, multimillion army of fans and loyal customers has the brand "Reima", stores with products which successfully sell their goods in many countries around the world. Including in Russia.

Reima shops

Reima shoes, as well as their dignity

Demi-season shoes of this brand is focused onactive children who do not stand still and prefer to constantly know the world. Due to the waterproof material, the feet remain dry for a long time. Therefore, the demi-season shoes of this brand are perfect for hiking. A good fit on the leg is provided by fasteners and laces. The sole is made of a reliable thermoplastic rubber. Boots are also equipped with light reflectors, which are one of the components of safe walks in the dark.

patter reima boots

Demi-season assortment of brand shoes

The most common and popularThe demi-season model is Patter Reima shoes. Among the main advantages of this line of shoes is waterproofness and tightness. The sole of this model is made of thermoplastic material with protectors resistant to abrasion. Inserts are made of a sealed material. A convenient fastener helps to fix the leg in the required position. Additional convenience is provided by a removable insole and light reflectors.

Excellent characteristics are different anddemi-season model Wetter Reima. The shoes of this line are designed for active children. The top is made of high-quality calfskin, which is impregnated with a waterproof compound. Thermoplastic sole has a unique pattern that prevents involuntary slip. This model has removable insoles and sealed inserts, which are perfectly amenable to washing and cleaning. Reflectors are an integral part of these boots.

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