For strong and stylish: Zaal coat

Clothing - this is one of the most powerful toolsself-expression. And this is proved by the growing demand for fashionable clothes every year. There are new brands and brands, sometimes unthinkable collections are created - and this is all to satisfy the "insatiable" appetite of modern fashionable women and fashionistas. Quite recently a new brand appeared in the outerwear market, offering its branded products - Zaal coat - for active urban women. And you can already say that this brand was liked by thousands of girls around the world. Let's find out what is the secret of the success of the company, and what models of clothes it offers.

Coat Zaal: clothes with a twist

The brand is interesting because it specializes insolely on the tailoring of women's coats. Models - the most different, from a short coat to coat-jackets. A distinctive feature of the products of this brand is the presence of a fur rim, which is present on almost every clothing model.

coat zaal

Fur at the same time can be in the "habitual"the collar zone or serve as an ornament to the hem of the product. The undoubted zest of Zaal is a detachable fur. This feature allows customers to save their money significantly, because one such product solves the problem of clothing for 2 seasons - autumn-spring and winter, when it's not too cold.

Brand Assortment

If you decide to buy a coat Zaal, you canchoose absolutely any model. The company's production is not aimed at replicating one style, but offers variants of a variety of cuts, textures and colors.

The target audience of Zaal is dynamic,but stylish and self-confident inhabitants of the urban jungle. For them, the brand offers shortened and elongated models, with odor and buttons, double-breasted or coat-raglan.

coat zaal by basic

Any girl can find the right oneoption, paying attention not only to style and tailoring, but also to color performance. Depending on the preferences, it can be a pastel shade (pink, beige, ivory), and saturated - black, red, terracotta, etc.

But that's not all. Since Zaal is a youth brand, it could not do without radical solutions in the matter of color range. Therefore, in the range of its products there are models of neon colors, acid, "electrician", as well as products with prints that are especially brightly represented in the latest collection of coats - Zaal by basic.

The role of the coat in the female image

So what is the secret of success and popularitythe brand in question? In a combination of a perfectly matched cut, in catching fashion trends and in understanding what a woman wants. The coat of this brand is the embodiment of femininity, but not too soft; sexuality, but not aggressive and not vulgar; style, but not pathetic and not pretentious.

coat zaal buy in moscow
Thus, in a coat from Zaal, you can safely go to a business meeting, to study, to a nightclub or to grandparents' birthday - it is appropriate in any situation.

In connection with the high demand for the products mentionedfirms, many are interested, where in the capital can you find a coat Zaal? You can buy clothes of this brand in Moscow in multibrand boutiques or showrooms, where you will be helped to choose the size and style, and also will consult on all arising questions. Well, another option - online shopping.

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