What to wear with sneakers on a wedge this season?

Today snickers at the height of fashion. Sneakers on the Nike, Adidas and Reebok sneakers are very popular. These high walking sneakers are different from the usual first of all by the presence of a wedge. Snickers do not fit close to the ankle, the leg is fixed gently. This fashionable women's footwear is universal and suitable for any conditions: for a city, traveling, a trip to a picnic or to a dacha. Externally Snykers look very much like usual sports shoes, but the question arises: what to wear with sneakers on a wedge? What is the combination of such shoes?

Snickers - comfortable shoes for the city

what to wear with sneakers on a wedge
Walking around the city, driving a car, going to work. In all these cases, snickers are convenient, practical, look appropriate and fashionable.

To think up what to wear with sneakers on a wedge,not difficult. For a walk around the city Snikers can be worn with both a sports suit and any other casual clothing. It can be a mini-skirt with a blouse, and a dress just above the knees, and jeans, and leggings with a long tunic. For a young woman it is better not to find shoes. Convenient, athletic and at the same time feminine.

In sneakers-snickers it is convenient to walk not only onperfect asphalt or smooth tile, but also on uneven road sections it is easy to overcome obstacles. In general, in the Sneakers walking tour for a long distance will not cause problems, even if in the hands of a bag of purchases. Moreover, there are many options for what you can wear sneakers on a wedge.

For a woman driving a car sneakers -an excellent find. Push the pedals in shoes or boots on the stiletto heel is uncomfortable and even unsafe. Since many women do not like shoes at low speed, snickers are an excellent compromise option.

with what you can wear sneakers

Deciding to put the snickers on the job,especially carefully think about what to wear with sneakers on a wedge in this case. In the office, government or educational institution adopted a business style of clothing. But even here you can choose clothes so that snickers will be an appropriate addition. For example, black or gray sneakers look good with a dark trouser suit and a white blouse. The undoubted advantage of such shoes is psychological calmness and comfort. But snikersy in combination with a skirt or dress to work, where a strict dress code is adopted, it is better not to wear it.

sneakers on a wedge nike

Snickers and outdoor recreation

For sports, snickers are not very suitable shoes. In the gym, on a morning run or aerobics, it is better to wear sneakers or sneakers. But for recreation in nature, for a trip to the country house or a picnic, the snickers are just right. Convenient as in sports shoes, and at the same time elegantly, sexually, attractively.

What to wear with sneakers on a wedge outside the city? The same as usually put on in such cases. With snikersami for a picnic or a walk in the country walkways, you can wear a training suit, jeans, shorts, sports skirts and dresses. As an outer clothing, any jacket, windbreaker, and shortened sports coat are suitable for them.

List of clothes, harmoniously combined withsneakers, is very wide: tops, shirts, T-shirts and blouses, loose and fitting sweaters, cardigans. Skirts of almost any style, except perhaps the classic elegant models and skirts that are half-length. Pants in sports style and jeans are perfectly combined with sneakers-sneakers. Even dresses with the right selection of length and style look great with Sneakers.

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