Fashionable training bow: a school dress code without boredom

Autumn is the beginning of a new academic year andat the same time the opening of the next fashion season. The morning of each high school student begins roughly the same way - with the question "what to wear to the school?". School onion is very important, despite the fact that a strict class teacher, a head teacher or a school principal thinks about it.

onion school

There is nothing worse than wearing the same sadThe standard form that is accepted in the educational institution. But here you can "turn around". The school dress code can be successfully diluted with bright accessories and "tasty" details. All this, of course, within the bounds of decency. After all, a reprimand from the head teacher on the eve of the final exams is not our option.

A pair of fashion strokes

In many educational institutions there is a traditionwear a white top and a black bottom. No one will make a student's comments if she wears a dress-case. A completely boring image can be created with the help of a waistcoat and various accessories.

Let's look at the image with a tie. Black trousers-skinny, white shirt and vest. A tie does not necessarily tie tight. Carelessly tied under the unbuttoned shirt collar, he will add insolence to a reserved image. Another option: a bright tie on a strict school dress with a bottom in the fold. It can be replaced with a thin handkerchief tied under a white collar. Speaking of the latter. This accessory is not one season in a row the designers offer to add in a strict bow. The school image from this will only benefit.

The easiest way to dilute a dull schoolshape - a bright bag and ballet flats or shoes. Supplement the image with a girdle and a headband or a bright hoop. By the way, the tape in carelessly collected hair is a trend that even stars follow.

We draw inspiration in the image of the preppy

Fashionable school bows echo with stylepreppy. It is suitable for schoolgirls if the school has no strict dress code. This style in many respects echoes the style of smart casual. It differs in that it means things of famous brands. Comfortable clothes and a neat appearance with a taste of elitism - that's what the preppy-bow means. The school image in this style will be allocated from the crowd by any schoolgirl or student.

 fashionable school bows

Image in the style of preppy:

  • black shorts with an overstated waist of suit fabric with arrows;
  • white blouse;
  • tape or black neck scarf tied to a bow;
  • vest with a deep neckline;
  • bright ballet flats, for example yellow;
  • cloak in the tone of shoes;
  • bright accessories, for example, a hoop, earrings, a bracelet;
  • bright tights (in this case you can use orange).

 school bow with skirt

School bow with skirt

At school, do not forget about skirts. Fashion image for study 2016:

  • Skirt-waterfall - in front is short, and behind is long.
  • Light turtleneck.
  • Ballet shoes or sandals-gladiators for hot days.
  • Bright belt, earrings, rings, bracelets, watches.

Monday morning is always stressful. Think over the weekend for a fashionable bow. School day will be held on positive, and it will set the tone for the whole working week, make it productive. And if you think over the whole week-end wardrobe for the weekend, you are provided with a good mood and extra half an hour of morning priceless sleep. It's important to look good in school hours.

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