What is sheepskin coat? The manufacturing process and types of sheepskin coat

Sheepskin coat is a very popular type of clothing. However, not everyone knows how this type of clothing is produced and what it is.

Why do we need to know what a sheepskin coat is? Firstly, for general development, and secondly, to correctly navigate the huge range that stores offer.

What is sheepskin coat

How did the sheepskin coat appear?

The process of manufacturing any fur productsrequires special training and special adaptations. What is a sheepskin in ready-made form, probably everyone knows. It is a warm clothes with a pile inside and skin outside. Facial sheepskin coat is not covered with a cloth, so the sheep skin requires special dressing.

Russians should be proud, because the first clothesa similar kind appeared in Russia. The prototype of modern stylish sheepskin coats was first sewn 2000 years ago and found during excavations. Now this sheepskin coat is in the Hermitage, and anyone can see it. The flourishing of the craft for the manufacture of sheep's hides falls on the reign of Peter the Great. In this long time the sheepskin coat was called Romanov's sheepskin coat. It was especially appreciated that in such clothes heat with a relatively small weight of the product.

Already later they were called naked fur coats. Naturally, to afford such a thing could only know and the peasants are richer. In the 19th century sheepskin looked not so stylish, and its main function was to warm, and not to decorate a person. To the "naked coat" was attached a special high collar, protecting from frost not only the body, but also the face. This, perhaps, was the most popular winter clothing. Sheepskin coats, by the way, helped Russia win the victory over Napoleon. It was in them that the Russian militia fought.

Manufacturing process

In order to make the right choice inshop, it is necessary not only to imagine what a sheepskin coat is and how it should look, but also how they are produced. Skins are subjected to a special procedure - tanning, so they become less susceptible to external factors, such as cold, snow. Mezdra (the inner part of the skin) is strengthened, it becomes smoother. The treatment is not only the skin itself, but also fur. Only astrakhan fur remains unchanged. But sheepskin, melancholy, goat shearing, pinching, so that the fur becomes smoother, toe and beautiful.

After the skins are ready and processed, of themthe product is sewn. Special furriers are used for tailoring. First all major stitches are performed. Then the sleeves are sewn, then they are processed on the bottom. In the finished product, buttonholes are made and all accessories are sewn. In quality products, the seams on the inside are laid with a special reinforcing tape so that the threads do not cut the skin. This should pay attention when buying sheepskin coats.

Clothes sheepskin coat

Options for processing skins

Surely everyone has heard such a notion aslaser sheepskin coat. What is a sheepskin, processed in this way? Firstly, it should be said that there are products whose surface is not processed in any way. This is the so-called fur velor. These things look very impressive, dressing them takes more time. Their only drawback is that they get dirty quickly and become salted.

Other products are treated with a laser. What is laser processing of sheepskin coats, and what kinds of it exist? A product treated with a laser is easier to clean, is more practical, the weight is much easier. Products with laser-coated nappalan give the sheepskin look like an ordinary leather jacket. It becomes smooth, slightly shiny. Covering the crack creates a pattern of scales on the surface of the sheepskin coat, which is visible at a short distance. Pul-up treatment creates the effect of stretched skin, thanks to it the sheepskin glitters and overflows.

What is laser processing of sheepskin coats?

Where does the material come from?

Mostly sheepskin coats are made from sheep's skins,the most active suppliers of which are Spain, Turkey, Greece, Italy. Each of the countries supplies its own special fur. Spanish sheep have a thick and long hair, a distinctive feature of skins from Spain - lightness. From America they carry heavier skins, they give the impression of special warmth due to the density of the pile.

Recently, the popularity of steeluse sheepskin coats of Tuscan furs. What is the sheepskin coat of Tuscany? It is very warm, fluffy on the inside of the sheepskin coat. Tuscan sheep are bred in one of the mountain regions of Italy (Tuscany). The wool of this animal is very dense, it is longer and smoother than a normal sheep. Therefore, externally Tuscany are more like goats. Products made from such a fur cost an order of magnitude more, but they have advantages: warmth, weariness and stunning appearance. Tulips from Tuscany are sewn in Italy, as well as in Turkey. Many crocheted sheepskin coats are sewn with cuffs and hoods with tuscan fur, from this the product becomes more beautiful and spectacular.

What is the sheepskin coat of Tuscany?

Eco-sheepskin coat

This concept recently can be foundmore often. What is eco-sheepskin, and what is it made of? Eco-sheepskin coat is an alternative to fur products. They are especially popular in Europe. When sewing this type of clothing, no animal suffers. The largest number of natural materials of plant origin is involved: cotton, hemp, flax, etc. The upper layer of sheepskin coats is fabric, and fur is artificial. In its production, acrylic, natural fibers, and even such unusual materials as recycled plastic bottles are used. Of course, such clothes are very practical, in comparison with a fur garment is not so expensive. However, it is inferior to ordinary sheepskin coat in heat. In the style of eco-sheepskin, in most cases, sports.

What is eco-sheepskin

How to choose sheepskin coat?

First, you need to look at the seams. That there were no holes and omissions lines. The seams should not frown. Secondly, fur should not get out and shed. Loss of pile in a small amount is acceptable. Pay attention to the thickness of the pieces. Skins should be approximately the same to the touch. Third, you need to make sure that the color does not peel off from the sheepskin coats. To do this, it is sufficient to carry the palm or white handkerchief over the product several times (no traces should remain).

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