Men's fashion shoes in 2013

Shoes can tell a lot about a person: What are his hobbies, profession, wealth, taste, even character. There are those who follow the fashion trends, and those who want simply to look good. And although women are considered to be more prone to caring for the appearance, men are also not indifferent to their appearance, and shoes especially. Many designers, realizing this, tirelessly produce in addition to a variety of men's clothing and fashion shoes, boots and other footwear.

Fashionable shoes
According to the latest trends, still in fashionclassic. However, this season it was transformed, and now special attention is paid to various details and decoration, bright and original colors. So, popularity belongs to black, gray-blue and brown. Fashionable men's shoes are made of smooth leather. This material is the absolute favorite. Suede and nubuck are also used. Such materials are practical, and therefore popular among men. Especially interesting is the combination of fabric and leather, and the fabric can be both monophonic and with print. Fashionable are small floral, abstract and geometric prints, while discreet and modest, non-touching.

Fashionable shoes also differ by mixingdifferent styles. They can be decorated with perforation, wide straps, metal details, tabs with suede and fringe, natural fur, can have patterned noses. In the model range, you can find different shoes in height, the shape of the sock and the sole, with and without the heel.

Fashionable men's shoes
For men, too high shoes are notpractical, so you can meet such models rarely, only on glamorous women who made individual order from the masters. Most often, everyday models are shoes just above the ankles.

Fashionable men's shoes are always presented inAssortment: with a round toe, sharp or square. And the shape of the sock does not depend on the season. However, in 2013, fashion models with a pointed toe, similar to the shoes of cowboys.

As for the heels, they perform men'sfashionable shoes either without them at all, on a wedge, or on heels no more than 4 cm. The main requirement for shoes is stability. Popular is the relief or smooth outsole, low and single-colored wedge.

Fashionable men's shoes
Fashionable colors of shoes and this season areblack, brown, gray with their shades. Also, designers offer bright colors, among which red, green, yellow, and pastel colors. For true connoisseurs, there are models of snake or crocodile leather. Such material is now especially valuable. In modern trend models, the color accent is made on the toe, soles and laces. The most shocking in this season is rightfully considered the collection of Salvatore Ferragamo.

Stavka fashion houses make a sporty style,which will be appreciated by active men. For example, Paul Smith recommends colorful shoes-sneakers, reminiscent of shoes in the style of the 80's. Fashionable shoes with sporting details are offered to combine with classic clothes. And classic models are bravely adorned with laces and clasps. Such options are offered by the Bally brand. The preppy style is expressed in 2013 by shoes with chocolate-colored fasteners from Tommy Hilfiger.

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