Fashion trends of 2013 - with what to wear a green skirt

You decided to succumb to the trend of 2013 fashion trendsyear and have acquired a fashionable skirt of a green shade. However, the color, despite the ultramodernity, put you in a dead end? Do not know what to wear a green skirt with? Then read.

In order to solve the problem presented to youthe first thing that needs to be done is to pay attention to the shade and fabric of new clothes. Of course, there are classical variants of the combination of colors (white, black, red, brown), but I would like to diversify your image. After all, you are behind this here, are not you?

with what to wear a green skirt

With what to wear a green maxi skirt

1. Maxi from air tissues.

In this case, green will be very feminine to harmonize with pastel shades. Adding an image of gentle floral accessories, you will create the impression of a romantic person.

2. Maxi from dense tissues.

A similar model, incidentally, outside the city, in combination withbrown and mustard shades. Accessories: leather belt, cowboy hat and boots in the same style, a waistcoat and a small suede handbag and accessories made from natural materials will give you the aura of a strong woman and conquerors of wild lands.

With what to wear a green mini skirt

Mini-length is the ideal choice forowners of slender legs. In addition, green color will attract additional attention. In that case, let the whole accent be focused on the legs, and on top put on some unremarkable light blouse or top. On legs it is desirable to put on shoes with heels.

On the other hand, a green mini skirt (of anystyle) is perfectly combined with purple, orange and yellow colors. With the right combination of these colors, you can create a truly unique image.

With what to wear a green pencil skirt

green skirt with what to wear

A pencil skirt means a classic mood. Therefore, the best choice for everyday use will be combining it with clothes, shoes and black accessories. If you go for a walk, then brighten up the tragic black will help bright details: red shoes, accessories or clutch.

The combination of green, white and gold is the most elegant and incredibly elegant. For example, a pencil skirt, a white blouse (shirt) and gold shoes, a watch and a clutch of the same shade.

Do you want to make an indelible impression and stay in memory for a long time? Feel free to wear a green pencil skirt with a red blouse and the same shoes.

With what to wear a green floral skirt (bell, tulip)

The name of the skirt styles evokes romantic thoughts,so very opportunely will be flounces, ruches and lacy blouses of black, white and delicate pastel shades (beige, peach, mint). And shoes on the legs - shoes with heels, and picking up a bag of the same shade as the blouse, you will achieve the glory of a lady who has an excellent taste.

Retro image with the help of a green skirt-the sun and a skirt-half-sun

Such fashionable in this season style New look,once created by Dior, will make of you a real woman, by which no man will pass indifferent. The green skirt of these styles, a modest blouse of light green tone and a wide satin bow at the waist will make the figure sexy and incredibly feminine. On legs it is necessary to shoe pumps of a boat, in hands to take a clutch, on a head a wide-brimmed hat, an air scarf on a neck, and you - the lady in style of 50's.

green skirt

In conclusion

Let's do it again. The most advantageous colors in combination with green are:

  • the black;
  • white;
  • red;
  • pastel shades;
  • purple;
  • Orange;
  • yellow;
  • mustard;
  • brown;
  • gold.

Shoes and accessories should complement the imagined image. I hope that the information turned out to be useful, and the green skirt (with what to wear and how to beat it) will not be a problem for you.

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