What to wear with a fur vest? A few tips

With the onset of the first colds, many womenfall into despondency: you have to forget about mini-skirts and tight-fitting outfits, but you need to get warm winter things out of the closet. Do not be so upset, because for several seasons in a row at the peak of fashion are stunning fur vests.

What to wear with a fur vest?
what to wear with a fur vest

The question is quite simple. They look great both with short dresses, and with maxi-skirts. Suitable and classic jeans, and warm pants. Almost every fashion collection in the autumn-winter season can be found several different vests, which differ not only in the material of manufacture (natural or artificial fur), but also in the length of the product, the color complementing the accessories. Therefore, the question of what to wear with a fur vest, you can safely answer that almost everything.

How to choose fur?

Because of the wide variety of fur modelsmany are lost when choosing a thing. And to make it simple enough: buy what corresponds to your figure. If you are the owner of magnificent forms, give preference to models with a short pile. The waistcoat itself should not be too long. For slim and miniature ladies, models with long pile, for example foxes, or vests made of bright artificial fur, are suitable.

We make combinations

What to wear with a fur vest and how to do so,so that your fashionable wardrobe element is combined with all the outfits? Try to keep on a skirt or trousers a fragment made of the same fur as the waistcoat. In this case, you will get a well thought out outfit, a complete ensemble.

under what to wear a fur vest
If you choose pants, then give preference to narrowed or narrow models, as well as classic straight ones. Widespread in this case are undesirable, since they can impart an extra volume.

Ideal for combination with a vest - a pencil skirt. If you choose a mini-skirt, then put on a shortened fur vest.

To wear a fur vest with a maxi-skirt isa mandatory condition - the presence of a heel, in order to visually "pull out" the silhouette. In this case, an elongated waistcoat model, possibly with a wide belt, is allowed.

Popular at all times, jeans also blend well with the fashionable element of the wardrobe. Narrow jeans will look great complete with a model with long fur.

Many people think that wearing a fur vest can only be classic pants and

how to wear a fur waistcoat
skirts. This is not true. Most of the dresses get a new life in this tandem. The waistcoat adds extra luxury and elegance along with the dress - femininity and refinement.

Another question that worries many mods: "Under what to wear a fur vest?" Below it there can be laconic fitting things: a turtleneck, a thin jumper. In all cases, dresses and overalls should not form wrinkles.

How to wear a fur vest? It's very simple: do not wear a tight jacket or coat over your waistcoat. If the street is cold enough, try to choose clothes free silhouette, so as not to crush the fur.

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