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The classic model of sneakers Adidas Zx 700,which is liked both by lovers of comfort and professional athletes, is very popular. The technology of creating shoes is so perfect that everyone wants to buy it. This model does not cease to be relevant even today. These sneakers remain modern and fashionable for many years.

adidas zx 700

The history of creating a Zx sneaker

The history of the company Adidas dates back to the 20'syears of XX century. Even then German businessman Adolf Dassler founded a company for the production of specialized sportswear and footwear. For all the time of the company's existence, billions of different pairs of sneakers have been released, which are so beloved by everyone. In the 80s of the same century, Adidas launched a new line of sneakers, the Adidas Originals Zx 700. This model has been coming out for a limited time. But it did not last long. Ideal sneakers for athletes who like to run an impressive distance. And ordinary people recognized that Adidas are very comfortable and comfortable even for everyday wear. From this period, this model began to produce in large quantities. Many people aspired not only to get at least one pair, but dreamed of collecting whole collections of Adidas sneakers.

zx 700 adidas

What is special about sneakers Adidas Zx 700

As mentioned earlier, the sneakers of this modeloriginally conceived exclusively for athletes who are engaged in running. Manufacturers, having calculated all the nuances, created a model that was convenient and practical. The first thing to note is the materials that were used to create the Zx 700 Adidas. The top of the sneakers was made of genuine leather with suede inserts. As you know, natural leather allows you to freely enter the air inside the shoes, so your feet do not sweat and swell, as they do not limit anything. Agree, for athletes this is important. Thus, during the run, even the legs are less tired. As for the suede insert itself, this is the design element.

adidas originals zx 700

The following, which is worth paying attention to, soThis is a sole that is made of special rubber. It provides an excellent grip of Adidas Zx 700 sneakers with ground surfaces. This sole allows you to not think about the fact that shoes can be, for example, slippery after a rain. Do not waste time trying to find the ideal route for running. It is thanks to the sole that any risk of injury is reduced to a minimum.

Also in sneakers Adidas Zx is presentan intermediate sole, which is made of a so-called EVA interlayer. It serves for depreciation. Thanks to this technology of creating athletic shoes, the risk of injury is reduced by half, and the load on the foot is also reduced, which helps the legs to run much less when running.

Sneakers Models

There are thousands of different models of Adidas Zx 700. In the modern market, you can find both classic colors of sneakers, and more exclusive. Many people like the classic, which is made in black and white shades or brown. Those who like not only comfort, convenience, but also need a beautiful appearance, mostly choose brighter colors and shades.

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