Baas: sneakers, which are designed for comfortable sports

The manufacturer of quality footwear in itsmarket segment is the Chinese company Baas. Sneakers of this brand combine a beautiful appearance and high quality. I designed these shoes for active sports and hiking around the city.

Briefly about the manufacturer

Over the past few years, the world's shoethe market received its recognition among buyers of the company Baas. The sneakers of this label have found a multimillion army of fans both among young people and among people of more serious age categories. The birthplace of the brand is China. The production of shoes is carried out at a high level. Proof of this - quality materials, modern expensive equipment and following the latest trends in fashion.

baas sneakers

Quality and appearance of products

Despite the democratic price rangethe company produces comfortable shoes that meet all the necessary requirements. For example, winter models are characterized by warmth and comfort. Such natural materials as wool and felt are the main raw materials used by Baas in the production of their products. Sneakers of this brand are made of good Italian raw materials, which has all the necessary quality certificates.

The platform in Baas footwear is made usingreinforced construction of the sole. Heels and socks have functional inserts that are sewn from waterproof fiber. They provide a long stay in the fresh air in a comfortable environment for the legs.

sneakers baas reviews

Purpose of products and pricing policy

Baas - sneakers, which are perfect forany life situations. These include walking walks in the city, jogging or practicing a certain sport. The cost of running shoes on average is 1500 rubles. All products of this brand are made taking into account the latest fashion trends, so the best way to emphasize the taste of the owner and will be in harmony with the rest of the image.

Sneakers Baas: reviews

Consumers in their reviews write that:

  • The main advantage of these sneakers isa price that does not hit hard on the wallet. Appearance is very stylish and bright, but not provocative. This shoe will suit those people who have a wide leg. The material of the sneakers is very high quality, additional impregnation helps the feet stay dry for a long time.
  • Sneakers brand Baas look great and havewonderful quality. They are very durable, starting with the material of the top and ending with laces. Sneakers are easy to clean - no purchase of special equipment. The sole does not wear off or leak. Therefore, due to the huge number of advantages, in their price range these sneakers occupy a leading position.
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