Sports sneakers Mizuno

In sport, the right choice of shoes is importantrole. Therefore, the development of professional shoes for various sports is given great attention. The company Mizuno - the Japanese production of high-tech models. It is the brand that is the leader-manufacturer of the best outfit for running, volleyball, golf and judo.

Sneakers for volleyball Mizuno Wave Lightning

This model was developed in speciallaboratories of the manufacturer. In its production, the company's innovative developments were used. Thanks to this data Mizuno sneakers have the most important qualities of sports shoes:

  • softness;
  • ease;
  • mobility;
  • stability.

These are the parameters that are required for the player to quickly move around the playground.

Special developments of Sozo Studio, whichUsed in the manufacture of sports shoes, exclude the possibility of slippage and reduce the load exerted on the ankle. At the same time, the deformation of the shoes during the socks is minimal, and its service life is much longer.

sneakers mizuno

Mizuno sneakers are equipped with special technologyIntercool, which provides airing all over the sole, while maintaining the optimum temperature and eliminating sweat and excess heat through ventilation ducts.

In the sole and removable insole are components that are responsible for cushioning and increase elasticity, absorb shocks.

The stable cohesion that forms betweensole and surface of the playground, is due to special inserts and connecting components at the bottom of the shoe. Rubber is present in the composition of the connecting components of the sole.

sneakers volleyball mizuno wave lightning


Specialists who developed this model, sought to take into account the anatomical structure of the foot. This shoe is able to adjust to the running style of the player who wears it.

The top is made of a mesh that lets in air, which allows the foot to cool in time and does not prevent the skin from breathing.

Protectors are placed in the form of a special pattern, which eliminates the possibility of slippage and has increased traction.

Attracts shoes with a beautiful combination of colors. For those who love bright colors, there are models in lilac and yellow.

The price of Mizuno shoes

This shoe was designed specifically forprofessional athletes using the best materials and the latest technology, so it a priori can not be cheap. If the seller offers a cheap model, it should be understood that, most likely, he sells a fake. Therefore, you should buy products, having read the license, or in branded sportswear stores, whose reputation is beyond doubt.

The average price per pair of shoes is 6500rubles. Sneakers Mizuno Wave Lightning are worth 10,000 rubles. There are models that cost a little less, about 3000 rubles. There are very expensive sneakers, the price of which exceeds 20,000 rubles.

Sneakers Mizuno. Reviews

Reviews of Mizuno sports shoes are positive. Professional players, like lovers, like the comfort and reliability of this footwear. Sneakers Mizuno willingly buy because of their high amarantization properties. They also note the lightness of the sports footwear of this company and high wear resistance.

sneakers mizuno reviews

Experts who conducted the testing of shoes, note the high quality of the product, the production of which used the latest technological developments.

Scientists have proved that it is necessary to use different models of sneakers for volleyball, football and running to achieve maximum comfort. Conveniently selected model will help to achieve new victories.

Qualitatively executed shoes of the Japanese manufacturer will thank for the choice of a long service life.

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