Pleasure for the body - modern nightgown

For some reason, many ladies use the phrase nighttimeThe shirt evokes associations with something coarse, ugly, extremely comfortable and functional, but not intended for prying eyes. And what if you try and imagine this part of the wardrobe elegant, lace, with a flashy neckline and soft ribbons .... The impression immediately changes, so much so that you do not even want to think about the old version.

The history of a nightgown

Nightgown nightgown, elegant and elegant,it was not always that way. Several centuries ago these things were completely different: of course, women from rich families even in the Middle Ages could afford a lower shirt made of fine expensive material (for example, batiste), but its appearance did not differ at all from the appearance of rough peasant shirts. The heyday of nightgowns as a beautiful and erotic part of the wardrobe came only when the fair sex fully realized themselves, their sexual attractiveness and the right to freedom.

Over time, it happened - modern fashionready to go to the most daring and incredible experiments, so women's nightgowns - and feminine - in the present century are unusual and can rightly be called works of art. For their manufacture, the best materials are used: fine silk and exquisite lace, soft satin ribbons and sparkling rhinestones - this is how the best quality and beautiful things are created. For lovers of all natural - fashion advocates clean from an ecological point of view - shirts of thin linen or batiste can be created.

Modern shirts

They do not hide anything and do not heat anything. The modern nightclub has a completely different purpose: to help the ladies understand and love their body. Fashion collections of famous designers are usually aimed at fans of different styles. For those who prefer the classics, strict black silk nightgowns are designed in black, decorated with lace, with a deep neckline and length to the knees. Ladies who appreciate the styles of "ethno" and "vamp", will appreciate the shirts of silk, both natural and artificial. Such things are usually decorated with "predatory" prints and are distinguished by a bright coloring. But women are emancipated, glamorous and erotic will not remain indifferent to short (just below the buttocks) silk or satin shirts with the deepest neckline, style, fitting chest and flared to the bottom.

Particular attention in fashion collections delicateclothes are given to color. If earlier it was customary for pajamas and nightgowns to choose soft, pastel colors, now they were replaced by juicy and rich shades. Women prefer light cream and gentle-lilac, pearl-gray and pearly, spectacular cherry and cozy dark blue. Black color is also acceptable, if only the nightgown in such a range has a deep enough neckline to not make the skin, pale and deprived of cosmetics in the mornings, look even more sad.

A modern nightgown should no longerhide, as something shameful and unworthy. Now these things are a full-fledged detail of the wardrobe, objects designed to emphasize female beauty, sensuality and eroticism. This clothing should not hide anything - and in it, any female representative (even knowing about the shortcomings of her appearance) can feel welcome and beloved - even by herself. And unless someone can say that he does not feel himself in the seventh heaven with pleasure, feeling the cold smoothness of silk touching the naked skin, the thin cobweb of elegant lace and the flowers embroidered along the erotic-deep cutout?

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