Tommy Hilfiger. Shoes for real men

A mature, self-assured man does not aspire to shock and attract attention with elaborate accessories and screaming labels. He appreciates the quality, proven for years, practicality and style.

To find out a man better, you need to look at his shoes. And what about the owner of the couple from Tommy Hilfiger?

Brand History

The brand was founded in 1979 by American designer Tommy Hilfiger. In 1984, the debut collection of the fashion designer won fans of elegant and at the same time comfortable clothes.

Tommy Hilfiger can be called the founder"American" style. This is a unique symbiosis of elements of sportswear and timeless classics. The images offered by the designer are dynamic, beautiful and relevant at all times.

Another line of the brand Tommy Hilfiger - shoes, notless stylish and practical. It is not for lovers of ostentatious luxury and glamor. This footwear is intended for connoisseurs of quality, minimalism and carefully elaborated details.

The range of men's shoes is very rich. A modern man can find a suitable couple for any occasion - a business meeting, outdoor activities or a walk along the seashore.

tommy hilfiger shoes

Shoes for recreation and active lifestyles

For walks around the city you can not do without light andstylish Tommy Hilfiger sneaker. Footwear (photo attached) is made of a combination of natural materials - cotton and leather or suede. These sneakers are more suitable for the summer season. The models are presented in several colors: white, beige, gray, brown, red, black. As a rule, in the kit there are additional shoelaces of a different color.

tommy hilfiger shoes photo

Demi-season sneakers have a higher bootleg and are made entirely of genuine leather. Molded rubber sole.

Slippers from Tommy Hilfiger - shoes on rubbersoles, without lacing. Often there are elastic inserts on the sides. The flexible sole and top, made of breathable fabric, are great for long summer walks or driving a car.

Every leader has an active lifestyle inwardrobe should be sneakers. At Tommy Hilfiger they are made of genuine leather or suede. Decorative inserts made of cotton, rubber sole. Sneakers are not only very qualitatively sewn, but also have a unique stylish design. Never before did sports shoes look so elegant.

The line of footwear for relaxation is complemented by light summerpantowletes and clogs Tommy Hilfiger. Shoes for beach rest are comfortable and beautiful. Depending on the preferences, summer slippers from Tommy Hilfiger can be chosen from any material: rubber, textiles or leather. In such shoes, even on the beach you can look positively and stylishly.

Shoes for formal and semi-official events

Official receptions require a certain dress code. At the events of such a plan, men should be in classic shoes or Oxford, always with lacing.

The assortment of men's shoes is very wide: different textures, silhouette and shades. All models combine the quality of the material - 100% leather or suede, branded stitching and soft comfortable lining.

Lofers are suitable for semi-official daytimeactivities. These are shoes without lacing, a bit like moccasins, but they have a heel and brushes made of leather. Lommers Tommy Hilfiger (men's shoes) are presented in several colors, besides the classic black and brown, there are blue, indigo and even yellow. All of them are made of genuine leather and suede and are distinguished by a classic and at the same time modern design.

tommy hilfiger men's shoes

Demi-season and winter shoes

Shoes for cool autumn and early spring from"Tommy Hilfiger" can emphasize the individuality of any man, regardless of his preferences in clothing. Under the classic double-breasted coat, youth park or biker jacket - for any style you can choose shoes or boots Tommy Hilfiger. Shoes on cool weather are made of nubuck, leather or suede. Models with an overstretched top are equipped with a lacing or zipper.

Winter shoes inside are duplicatedartificial fur, quality stitching makes shoes waterproof and very warm. Rubber outsole prevents slipping on ice. The shoes do not look bulky and perfectly suited to any kind of winter outerwear.

tommy hilfiger shoes men's reviews

Customer Reviews

The brand has its fans who prefer other brands namely Tommy Hilfiger. Male footwear reviews are mostly positive. Customers note:

  • Design. Laconic and stylish. The big plus of design is that it does not tend to be trendy. There are no items in the collection that will not be relevant in the next season. It is an excellent investment of money in quality practical shoes that can be worn for several years, without being afraid to look old-fashioned.
  • Quality. Boots are well sewn and worn for several seasons. Do not let the moisture.
  • Convenience and comfort.
  • Price. For brand shoes, the cost is acceptable and fully justified. Quality natural materials and perfect tailoring are worth it.

From the minuses:

  • Buyers note that some models "more".
  • Sometimes marriage occurs when ordering from online stores. To prevent this, order branded shoes only from the official website of the manufacturer.
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